Discover and Target Users Like Never Before with Amplitude Audiences

Announcing Amplitude Audiences and the general availability of real-time syncs.

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August 22, 2022
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Asavari Tayal
Director of Product, Amplitude
Discover and Target Users Like Never Before with Amplitude Audiences

Today we are introducing Amplitude Audiences – an expanded version of the product formerly known as Recommend. It combines AI-powered recommendations and powerful audience management capabilities in an easy-to-use, self-serve solution. Audiences lets you segment, activate, and target users with personalized content to help drive engagement and growth. We are doubling down on improved audience discovery, segmentation, and activation with the name change to serve a broader set of personalization use cases.

Who uses Audiences, and why did we build it?

In the past year, our team worked closely with customers to maximize the value they gained from Audiences. We found that personalization is a combination of 1-to-many customized experiences based on user segmentation and 1-to-1 content recommendations based on individual user profiles and behavioral traits. To effectively drive conversion, engagement, and retention, our customers want the ability to do both based on data and insights they get from Amplitude.

Define dynamic audience segments

Audiences includes:

Growth and lifecycle marketing teams use Audiences to create customized in-app journeys and targeted campaigns based on profiles, behavioral traits, and likelihood to engage. Instead of the old methods, which resulted in broad swaths of customers receiving the same messaging, Audiences lets you tailor your campaigns to specific user profiles and engagement patterns.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use Audiences:

  • Re-engage users who initiated but did not complete a critical workflow, like an abandoned shopping cart or incomplete learning module.
  • Upsell trial users to a paid subscription with customized offers based on their engagement patterns and likelihood to purchase.
  • Optimize your cross-sell efforts by ranking other categories of items that pair with an item already added to a user’s cart.
  • Build cohorts by an affinity for content, solutions, or problem areas based on the behaviors they demonstrate.

Introducing Real-time Syncs

We are also thrilled to announce the general availability of real-time syncs, available now as part of the paid Audiences tier. With real-time syncs, you can instantly update and sync your cohorts, empowering you to create in-the-moment engagement campaigns.

Here’s a common scenario. Imagine you are building a personalized onboarding experience for new users. What if you could send a chat message to offer getting started resources based on their progress, while they are still within the context of the product? You can now do that with real-time syncs by syncing cohorts to customer engagement platforms like Intercom.

Or what if you could send an email coupon to trial users encouraging them to buy the paid subscription while excluding users that have already converted? You can now rely on up-to-date data to trigger these just-in-time, targeted messages with real-time syncs.

Audiences enables you to improve your conversion, engagement, and retention rates by helping you segment customers and target them with real-time marketing campaigns.

Real results from real customers

See how customers have leveraged Audiences to grow their business and drive user engagement.

  • Jersey Mikes delivered targeted campaigns to customers most likely to purchase.
  • Jumbo Interactive improved engagement via push notifications by 32%.
  • Rappi increased their first-time order size by 10%.
  • Grover extended the Amplitude platform as their CDP and increased their conversion rate on Black Friday from 32% to 38% using Audiences.

Who else can benefit from Audiences?

A key benefit of Amplitude is the democratization of data analytics for diverse sets of users across an organization. Since Audiences is built on Amplitude’s digital analytics platform, users across various roles are finding ways to gain value from it.

  • Product teams access data about in-product campaigns and response rates directly from Amplitude, letting them proactively tailor future releases.
  • Support and customer success teams use data to trigger messages that can guide users when they encounter issues or are at risk of churning.
  • Data science and analytics teams save time by enabling their internal teams with self-service audience creation, predictions, and recommendations.

Getting started

All Amplitude customers on paid plans get access to five scheduled syncs and ten computations at no additional cost. That means all customers can benefit from our sophisticated audience management features and drive engagement with their users.

Need more syncs? Upgrade to our paid Audiences tier! The paid Audiences tier includes the new real-time syncs feature, unlimited scheduled syncs, on-demand syncs, and computations. And for a limited time, we’re also offering one free prediction!

Talk to your Amplitude sales representative to see how you can extend your use of Amplitude to include Audiences. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Want to see Amplitude Audiences in action? Request a demo.

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Image of Asavari Tayal
Asavari Tayal
Director of Product, Amplitude
Asavari Tayal is director of product for Amplitude's personalization and audience management offering. Before that, she was instrumental in building products and key innovations for the Netlify Edge, Salesforce / Heroku Serverless Platform, Azure Functions & App Services, and Data Integration for Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. She specializes in low-code platforms, developer products and experiences, product-led growth, and monetization strategies.