The Amplitude Integration Portal: Connecting Your Data Ecosystem

The Amplitude Integration Portal fosters a seamless partnership experience for technology partners, enabling them to build, maintain, and share powerful integrations with Amplitude.

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June 18, 2024
Image of Brandon Khoo
Brandon Khoo
Senior Product Manager, CDP, Amplitude
Integration portal

In today's data-driven world, connecting diverse data sources to leverage insights and create exceptional customer experiences is key. But, fragmented data and complex integrations create roadblocks for partner solutions in delivering the right insights and slows innovation to a crawl.

Enter the Amplitude Integration Portal, a game-changer for connecting the data ecosystem. This innovative set of tools fosters a seamless experience for technology partners, enabling them to build, maintain, and share powerful integrations on Amplitude’s Digital Analytics Platform.

The Amplitude Integration Portal enables streamlined development and deployment for partner teams with effortless integration building. Forget complex coding—the portal offers intuitive tools and support to streamline the development process with a user-friendly environment for partners to develop and test integrations. This allows your developers to focus on building innovative functionalities rather than struggling with complexity, saving your developers time and resources.

The portal also seamlessly connects your integrations with the broader Amplitude community, enabling more users to discover valuable integrations across their stack within Amplitude’s data catalog interface. Users can browse a curated library of integrations, quickly identifying solutions that fit their specific business needs with detailed descriptions and use cases to help organizations connect to their data sources.

Partners can give their users a more complete picture of the customer by enabling them to access a wider range of integrations that seamlessly connect Amplitude to the tools and platforms they already use. This expands analytical capabilities and streamlines data management.

The integration development process ensures all integrations undergo a rigorous review process by Amplitude before becoming available. This provides assurance they meet strict quality standards, providing peace of mind and confidence in the quality of the integrations.

Reap the benefits of a unified data landscape

Imagine a world where product teams can see the direct financial impact of new features, marketing teams can personalize campaigns based on real-time user behavior, and data analysts can easily combine Amplitude data with other sources for deeper insights. The Amplitude Integration Portal unlocks this world, empowering all teams to:

  • Deliver more engaging experiences: Identify areas for product improvement, personalize user journeys, and optimize marketing efforts—all based on a unified view of your customer.
  • Drive business growth: Understand the ROI of product features, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions that fuel growth.
  • Boost collaboration: Break down data silos, foster a culture of data-driven decision making, and empower every team to contribute to creating exceptional customer experiences.

Many of our partners have taken full advantage of the Integration Portal to help activate and extend the value of customer data.

Humanic is a marketing automation platform that leverages the power of generative AI to deliver better personalization. Teams use genAI to improve product onboarding and engage users to take the next step based on key milestones of product-led growth. Humanic built an integration through our portal to further extend their platform and leverage additional customer insights from Amplitude.

“The integration process with Amplitude was remarkably smooth and efficient,” says Arjun Saksena, Founder and CEO of Humanic. “In fact, we were able to get up and running with Amplitude in less than a week—a testament to their seamless integration capabilities. If you are starting an integration process, start with Amplitude because their commitment to an open ecosystem is going to be a game changer in the industry.”

unitQ is another partner that has developed an integration through Amplitude’s Integration Portal. unitQ empowers companies with AI-powered, actionable insights from user feedback to help them craft high-quality products, services, and experiences. With this partner integration, organizations are able to centralize feedback from all sources and automatically group it into thousands of granular categories to help organizations discover what matters most to users.

This new integration sends cohorts from Amplitude to unitQ enabling organizations to harness AI-driven insights from user feedback to enhance product quality and user experience. By syncing cohorts, companies can complement product analytics with qualitative feedback, pinpoint attrition drivers, understand user types, and optimize onboarding.

“Combining unitQ’s real-time user feedback with Amplitude’s detailed product engagement analytics empowers product teams with a holistic view of their users,” says Brett Caplan, unitQ Director of Product. “This integration enables organizations to extract actionable insights from both user feedback and behavior to proactively enhance the user experience, refine product features, and improve overall retention, ultimately unlocking continuous growth and innovation.”

Sanity, the composable content cloud, has also used Amplitude’s developer tools to rapidly build an integration to Amplitude Experiment. This integration ensures customers can optimize and improve messaging, calls to action, and landing pages without needing ongoing support from engineering.

“By integrating Sanity with Amplitude Experiment, customers can now bring the power of Amplitude Experiment and A/B testing to their web experiences,” says Ben Getson, a Principal Product Manager of Sanity. “This ensures our customers can combine customer data and no-code testing on every web experience.”

The Amplitude Integration Portal is more than just a technical tool; it's a catalyst for a data-driven transformation. By seamlessly integrating Amplitude, it’s now possible to derive more value from customer data, paving the way for a future of exceptional digital experiences.

Ready to unlock the full potential of Amplitude integrations? Visit the Amplitude Integration Portal today and explore the possibilities!

About the Author
Image of Brandon Khoo
Brandon Khoo
Senior Product Manager, CDP, Amplitude
Brandon Khoo is a Senior Product Manager at Amplitude, leading the strategy and development of the Amplitude's insights-driven customer data platform. His role also involves defining the integration infrastructure for Amplitude’s partner ecosystem. Brandon is an alumnus of Uber and KPMG, and he holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Finance from the Queensland University of Technology.