Announcing Amplitude’s Inaugural Pioneer Awards

Celebrating our customer “pioneers” and their accomplishments over the past year

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October 21, 2020
Image of Suyog Deshpande
Suyog Deshpande
Head of Product Marketing
Announcing Amplitude’s Inaugural Pioneer Awards

What does it mean to be a pioneer of digital products? It means knowing how to build with data and foster a culture where decisions are data-informed. It means knowing how important it is to build fast and experiment, learning and growing along with your team. And most of all, it means grounding everything you do in a deep understanding of your customers’ needs, so much so that you can anticipate what to build next.

Look at some of the world’s most successful or fastest-growing products. You’ll see that behind each one are pioneers, making the path for other analysts, developers, managers, and marketers. They are the people behind Burger King’s ascent from #686 to #1 in the app store, Peloton’s immersive experience blurring the physical and digital worlds, and HBO’s individualized-viewer experience.

Amplify, our annual conference, is a moment where thousands of pioneers gather to grow, meet, and share. That’s why this moment was perfect to introduce our new, annual awards program, the Amplitude Pioneer Awards. These awards celebrate Amplitude customers, the pioneers building the 60,000+ products that use product intelligence to drive outcomes.

Spotlighting individuals and teams at the leading edge of product intelligence, these awards will also offer a platform for their essential ideas and a forum for inspiring others. Starting today, you can make a nomination in any of our four categories:

The Product Innovation Award: This award honors the person who has used their deep understanding of customers to build and introduce a new, cutting-edge product, feature, or experience. Did you recently launch a feature that set new standards for your industry? Did you build an experience that exceeded the expectations of your customer and blew away the competition? If this sounds like you, apply now!

The Product Impact Award: This award celebrates someone with a product experience that has seen delivered big outcomes and value for their business and their customer. Wide-spread adoption and engagement, exceptional return-on-investment, and sparked customer love – the winner of this award can point to data proving their products’ drive impact –with extra points going to nominees whose product or feature changed their customers’ lives. If this rings true for you, apply today!

The Growth Architect Award: This award recognizes leaders or teams who empower data-driven decisions by providing their organization with complete, trustworthy, and actionable data throughout their technology stack. Behind the winning teams product teams are the architects – the engineers, data scientists, analytics leaders – that design an ecosystem and instrument data that brings teams closer to customers through data and accelerates innovation. Is this you or one of your colleagues? Apply for this award!

The Data Culture Award: This award singles out leaders who led the transformation to a customer-first, data-driven culture. This pioneer democratized insights that allowed more people to access data and analytics in their everyday work. They have helped cross-functional teams go from qualitative to quantitative decisions and created an environment where teams across the data literacy spectrum feel autonomous, safe, and enabled. If you or someone on your team has helped your organization come a long way in using data, apply here!

The first-ever winners of the Amplitude Pioneers Awards will be announced in December! There are exciting prizes at stake—including speaking opportunities at Amplify ‘21 and free tickets to the Conference—so be sure to learn more and apply today.

Meet the Datamonsters of 2020

To kickstart our celebration of product pioneers, we’re revealing our Datamonsters of the Year. Named in honor of Amplitude’s mascot, these honorees are as hungry for data as the recognition’s namesake.

The Datamonsters of the Year are Amplitude power users who have created the most “broadcasted learnings” in 2020. A broadcasted learning is a chart, dashboard, or Notebook created by an Amplitude user and then consumed by multiple people within a seven-day period. In other words, these Amplitude users aren’t just analyzing lots of data, they’re creating and spreading knowledge.

Broadcasted learnings is an example of a North Star metric for the Amplitude team. We’re thrilled when our customers find and share insights that help their team learn and take action. In 2020, we announced several new building blocks that will enable more teams to create a data-informed culture. Learn more about Govern and Pipelines, Templates, Event Explorer, and Breadcrumbs to see how Amplitude will turn your teams into Datamonsters!

We encourage everyone to make nominations for these awards. We want to hear about the outstanding work that you, your colleagues, or industry peers have done this year.

Thank you and good luck!

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Image of Suyog Deshpande
Suyog Deshpande
Head of Product Marketing
Suyog leads the Product Marketing function at Amplitude. He oversees Amplitude’s efforts to help enterprises connect with customers, prospects, partners, and employees in innovative ways.