Breaking Data Silos with Amazon AppFlow and Amplitude

Amazon AppFlow’s new integration with Amplitude empowers your teams to combine data from multiple sources, surfacing the detailed customer insights that enable you to build the best product.

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April 22, 2020
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Anastasia Fullerton
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Breaking Data Silos with Amazon AppFlow and Amplitude

At Amplitude, we believe in making data and product intelligence as accessible as possible. When teams are empowered to quickly and easily analyze their business data, it leads to better decisions and, ultimately, growth.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new integration with Amazon AppFlow—a newly launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) program that enables users to easily move data between supported SaaS applications and AWS services without using code. Amplitude is one of 14 select launch partners, including Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, Slack, ServiceNow, Info Nexus, Google Analytics, Snowflake, Dynatrace, Data Dog, Trend Micro, Veeva Systems, and Singular. AppFlow will continue to grow its integration ecosystem, adding new partners and capabilities. Updates can be found here.

AWS AppFlow Integration Partners

AWS AppFlow Integration Partners

As our CEO, Spenser Skates, puts it, “Amplitude’s platform is all about transparency and getting a 360 understanding of the customer journey through product intelligence. Integrating with AWS AppFlow will allow our customers to efficiently merge disparate datasets so they can easily understand all facets that impact the users’ journey and thus make better product decisions.”

AppFlow easily integrates with your existing data ecosystem; your teams don’t need to spend extra time cleaning and restructuring data. In just a few clicks, non-technical teams can also employ AppFlow and Amplitude to surface insights, saving engineers valuable time and energy.

In other words, Amplitude’s integration with Amazon AppFlow is a game-changer.

The Challenges Facing Teams Today

Today’s top companies know that to win in the long run they need to create the best customer experiences. Customer experience is not owned by one team, though. Product, UX, data science, sales, customer support, and marketing must all come together to create a best-in-class experience for the customer. In pursuit of this goal, however, disparate teams often run into roadblocks, because they lack the data accessibility or analyst resources to bring together complete insights from their data. These barriers, in turn, get in the way of growth and revenue.

Siloed Data = Bad Decision-making

Customer data is often spread across many systems and platforms, leading to data silos. It becomes harder to connect datasets and analyze them for product insights as company data ecosystems grow. The data science team has their data, the marketing team has their data, the product team has their data, and the sales team has theirs. These silos can result in teams being unaware of certain data or losing out on the opportunity to combine these datasets and see a fuller view of the customer experience.

Ultimately, data silos lead to poor decision-making. You need a clear picture of the complete product journey in order to make informed, strategic decisions about your business.

Extra Time and Resources = Wasted Opportunities

Complex and dispersed data ecosystems put a high burden on your data analyst teams and engineers. Expertise in each data silo is likely disjointed without a dedicated team or person with familiarity in every system. Therefore, requests from product teams, marketing, and other stakeholders require manually pulling data from each silo to combine them or design a query.

Extra time and resources cost you money. Building, maintaining, and leveraging data requires significant investment and overhead. Together, Amplitude and AppFlow break data silos and save you time and resources, so your teams can make the product decisions that move your business forward.


See how Amplitude reduced analyst burdens for Intuit.

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How AppFlow + Amplitude Solve the Problem

Amplitude is the powerful engine of user behavioral data that will show you how all of your data systems impact user experience and lifetime value. With AppFlow, you can connect Amplitude’s insights with other data sets, which lets you see the impact of all of a business’s data on user retention, monetization, and lifetime value. Amplitude can import data from any AppFlow data destination and analyze it for behavioral intelligence. You then turn that information into better decisions which lead to growth.

“TWG empowers teams to make smarter, more informed decisions that will drive company growth. This is why we’re so excited about Amazon AppFlow and its integrations with a growing network of SaaS platforms, that will give organizations more meaningful insights from their data ecosystems. Both Amazon AppFlow and Amplitude are focused on helping every team answer questions about their customer interactions. Better questions mean better decisions and better decisions drive growth.”—Derek Watson, CTO of TWG

For example, AppFlow bi-directionally connects Amplitude with Salesforce. From there, you can see how account and user behaviors drive pipeline progression and net retention. The ability to surface Amplitude data directly in Salesforce will highlight key account information to go-to-market teams, such as product adoption, usage, churn, and retention metrics. As AppFlow supports more platforms as data sources and destinations, the possibilities will continue to expand.


See how Amazon AppFlow and Amplitude work together to help teams break down data silos.

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Amplitude believes in the power of understanding the 360-degree customer journey through product intelligence. We’re excited about this integration with Amazon AppFlow, and we believe it will advance this mission by allowing businesses to access siloed data and unlock new customer insights to help them grow.

Amazon + Amplitude

Amplitude and AWS have a long-standing relationship and a history of driving value for customers. Our platform is built on a flexible, scalable, and secure AWS infrastructure. Amplitude is also a Competency Partner in both the AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency program and the AWS Retail Competency program. The competency programs represent the highest endorsement of our dedication, expertise, and industry experience. We’re thrilled to continue building on our relationship with AWS with the launch of AppFlow.

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