Branch + Amplitude: Enabling Hyper-Personalization with Deep Linking

Create a positive brand experience across all channels with the Branch + Amplitude integration.

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June 25, 2021
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Cat Perez
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Deep Linking with Branch and Amplitude

Consumers can encounter your brand from a number of touchpoints, and each one will likely have different needs—which makes building personalized experiences across channels difficult.

An email subscriber wants reliable customer service. A potential customer finds you after a search for an affordable solution to their problem. An affiliate referral is looking for seamless integration. Send everyone to your homepage, and you’re forcing them to do the work of finding the information that speaks to their issue.

Today’s brands win by doing the opposite. They provide a helpful, hyper-personalized customer experience across multiple channels. According to PwC, 65% of U.S. consumers feel that a good brand experience holds more sway in their future buying decisions than a well-crafted advertising campaign.

One way to offer this experience? By pairing the deep linking and attribution capabilities of Branch with clear data analytics tools from Amplitude.

Branch: Personalized Experiences Through Deep Linking and Attribution

For most companies with a dedicated mobile app, the customer experience on their app is better than their mobile websites. So when a customer clicks through an email on their phone, the user would have a better experience if they engaged with the content on the app.

A quality deep link—a link that takes you to content—can identify that the customer has the app and take them to the applicable information in the platform. The customer bypasses their mobile web browser to enjoy a better user experience in the app.

Branch makes sure your users get that better user experience.

The brand is a world-class expert in deep linking. It has solved over 6,000 edge cases to ensure users are taken to the right page through deep linking—whether that’s through an app, a mobile website, or a desktop website. It has helped brands like Airbnb, Boxed, and Lowe’s enhance their omnichannel customer experience.

With Branch, marketers know that the links across campaigns are always optimized for the user’s UX and that the links are updated based on platform changes. It also lets marketers know exactly where a user clicked. Branch tracks everything that happens between the brand delivering the content to the customer and the customer interacting with the brand’s platform.

That contextual data provides marketers more than just the number of clicks. Branch’s sophisticated attribution system tracks the many ways customers engage with a brand over time. By seeing a full and accurate customer journey, the marketing team can offer more personalized experiences based on their previous engagements.

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The referral experience from’s app using Branch’s deep linking and attribution. Source: Branch case study

Amplitude: Creating Targeted Customer Journeys Through Product Analytics

Personalization isn’t just a nice way to drive app installs. Personalization is considered a “hygiene factor” for many customers: They take it for granted until a platform or retailer neglects it. Then the user is displeased and more likely to find another solution.

Product analytics is the key to consistently offering relevant, personalized brand experiences. With segmentation tools and powerful integrations, companies can build personalization into their customer journeys.

Product analytics from Amplitude makes understanding segments easy. Marketers can create groups of users, called cohorts, based on their shared behaviors.

A team might create a cohort of users who pay for a certain upgrade. By comparing that group to their general user base, the marketing team can see what features and acquisition channels are most popular with that paying cohort. By applying what they learned from the cohort analysis, marketers can create targeted messaging highlighting the upgrade for users arriving through the same acquisition channels as those in the cohort.

With powerful integrations, Amplitude also allows marketers to include cohorts from the product analytics platform in email and social media campaigns. You can automatically add a user who downloaded a piece of gated content to a cross-channel marketing campaign that relates to the topic of the white paper.

With Amplitude Audiences, machine learning takes cohort analysis and integrations to the next level. Audiences uses predictive analytics to optimize offers based on a user’s likelihood to purchase a product or be interested in a certain topic. Based on their previous behavior, a user might be flagged as highly likely to buy and receive a personalized offer to encourage the purchase.

Before working with Amplitude, Colombian delivery tech startup Rappi had trouble understanding how and why users were converting. This made it hard to replicate campaigns that worked and change campaigns that didn’t. To scale user growth and drive conversions, Rappi needed to identify their most valuable user segments and provide personalized experiences.

Using Amplitude Audiences, Rappi’s team can now programmatically pull cohorts of new users and segment them based on their first-time user experience. The users receive segment-specific messaging. Since implementing this real-time personalization, Rappi has seen a 10% increase in the number of users who complete their first order and a 30% decrease in acquisition costs.

Branch + Amplitude: A Better Customer Experience Through Hyper-Personalization

Branch supports deep links that deliver valuable attribution data to marketers. Amplitude makes user behavior easy to analyze and the findings actionable. Together, Branch and Amplitude empower marketers to increase engagement through hyper-personalization.

Step 1: Branch generates attribution data

Branch’s deep links store contextual information that gives marketers a clearer picture of how users engaged with the link. This attribution data could indicate where in a campaign a link was clicked, what information the user was looking for, and who shared the link originally.

Branch’s attribution tools pull fractured data from all of the channels customers use together to provide a 360-degree view of how a user engages with a brand. Branch also provides valuable attribution data for both organic, non-paid efforts, and paid channels.

Step 2: Branch sends attribution data to Amplitude

Once Branch integrates with Amplitude, its attribution data becomes especially actionable. Marketers can see which channels and messaging are driving important metrics by analyzing Branch’s attribution information alongside Amplitude’s behavioral data, such as purchase history.

Step 3: Create More Effective Experiences

With a Branch and Amplitude integration, marketing teams can better identify where users struggle to convert and experiment with messaging to drive engagement.

Say a trip planning site allows its users to curate must-see stops and attractions along a particular route. When a user shares one of these lists, Branch’s deep linking and attribution capabilities help the company create customized home pages. That contextual data means the person who received the shared list gets a personalized experience.

Pulling the attribution information into Amplitude, the company can then create segments based on the number of trips a user planned or referrals sent and tweak those welcome messages. By running a cohort analysis on those high-value users, the company can identify which features they find most valuable and highlight those on those welcome screens to encourage engagement.

Combine Product and Marketing to Provide a Personal Customer Experience

With insights from the Branch and Amplitude integration, marketing and product teams can identify the most valuable experiences for their users. Using attribution data and product analysis, the two teams can understand at a detailed level where users are struggling with the platform and what product updates might remove that friction.

Learn more about the Branch + Amplitude integration or talk to a product analytics expert at Amplitude today.

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Image of Cat Perez
Cat Perez
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