Introducing Pipelines & Govern: Break Data Silos to Empower Teams with Trusted Insights

With Amplitude’s new data management capabilities, teams break the silos that are holding back your insights into user behavior and preventing product teams from building great experiences.

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August 11, 2020
Image of John Hurley
John Hurley
VP of Product Marketing
Introducing Pipelines & Govern: Break Data Silos to Empower Teams with Trusted Insights

In a data democracy, everyone—from the engineer to the product manager to the business analyst—can easily access the insights they need to excel at their jobs. Data silos, on the other hand, are the enemy of data democracy. They stop your data from being useful, accessible, and comprehensive, preventing your teams from fully understanding your user and how to improve the product experience.

But successfully managing data is no small feat. According to Gartner’s Data and Analytics Adoption Survey, data-mature organizations list integrating multiple data sources and adding more agility as their top two challenges.

It’s the job of both data experts and product leaders to empower data democracy at their organizations. And it’s Amplitude’s job to help you do just that by breaking data silos and enabling efficient data management at scale.

Our vision for data management is to make sure the right data is available in the right places to the right people.

  • Right data means that data is usable, accurate, and comprehensive.
  • Right places means you can easily sync data between Amplitude and systems of record.
  • Right people means facilitating data democracy while precisely controlling access.

To help our customers realize this vision, we are releasing two new cornerstones to our data management capabilities: Pipelines and Govern.

Pipelines: Connect and Sync Behavioral Data, No Matter Where It Lives

We’ve added more ways for you to bring data into Amplitude with new data sources, enhanced integration workflows, and improved SDKs and flexible ingestion to sync data no matter where it lives. Not only can you centralize data in Amplitude, but now you can also export your behavioral data from Amplitude to event destinations.

Why We Created Pipelines

Holistic insights into user behavior and product experiences requires a holistic view into all sources of data. Yet integrating and centralizing all of your data sources are primary challenges of data management. There is an ever-increasing number of customer data sources that need to be analyzed—CDPs, warehouses, attribution tools, and new devices and products. Pipelines makes connecting and creating data sources and destinations easier with an improved workflow and new import and export capabilities.

The new self-serve export to Amazon S3 enables you to sync enriched event data back in your systems of record. Most analytics solutions create a “walled garden” with their data sets, keeping the data transformations and enrichments you perform locked within their platform. We wanted to be better citizens of our customers’ data ecosystems, and this new export feature helps break data silos in all their forms.

How Pipelines Works

New integrations to Adobe Analytics, Intercom, and upgraded server-side SDKs join our ever-growing collection of supported integrations. The self-service workflows allow you to import data in a wide range of formats and structures, including mParticle, Appcues, Braze, Optimizely, Segment, and more.

Pipelines also includes an enhanced flexible ingestion service that continuously syncs live event data from any of your data sources. Flexible ingestion works on your behalf to extract, transform, and load existing user data into Amplitude by tapping into your existing data warehouse via an S3 Bucket. By automating a laborious process, this service saves you time and engineering resources.

Learn more on how to use Pipelines by requesting a demo or joining our Data Management for Product Analytics 101 webinar.

Govern: Increase Data Trust at Scale

Govern is a reimagined experience that allows data teams to plan, transform, and oversee their data-management processes within Amplitude. It fosters data trust within organizations by helping you make your company’s data usable, accurate, and comprehensive.

Why We Created Govern

Govern makes it easier for you to efficiently and proactively manage your data at scale so your team can make data-informed decisions.

Teams need to trust that data is comprehensive and accurate. Unfortunately, many have experienced the fallout when teams don’t trust what the analytics say about their user and product experience due to ineffective data. Without a centralized governance model, data and engineering teams go through a painful process of correcting data that was instrumented inconsistently.

With Govern, we redesigned the user experience for all of Amplitude’s data-governance features and added new capabilities to automate actions and offer more insights into how and where data is used. This increases data trust and reduces time and engineering burdens.

“I spend a lot of time focusing on data governance. I find that it’s important to stay digilent about the data we’re receiving from our apps so that our product managers and other end users can make decisions quickly and confidently. The new Govern experience has helped me quickly plan and approve new events, merge event property values, and keep a finger on the pulse of the health of our data.” – Jimmy Marsanico, Head of Data, Imgur

How Govern Works

Govern includes a new UI for creating and organizing data, transformations, and event planning. We consolidated functionality and increased consistency to make data governance simpler and automated.

We improved your ability to plan, correct, filter, and validate new data automatically, as well as your capacity to transform disparate data into complete, usable event and user properties. Customers now have more control and visibility into data usage with detailed descriptions, query volumes, and charts where data is used. And to correct improperly loaded data, you can now block and delete data in bulk.

Request a demo of Govern and register for our upcoming webinar on data management for product analytics to learn more.

A Secure Platform

With 25 enterprise customers from the Fortune 100 and 28 trillion data points analyzed in the last year, we are committed to enterprise-level security and performance.

Best-in-class data governance requires setting the industry standard for security and compliance. Amplitude has developed bank-grade security and is accredited with SOC2 Type-2 and ISO 27001 certifications, SSO support and user permissioning, and is a recognized AWS Partner for Digital Customer Experience.

Amplitude can analyze billions of events in less than a second, and boasts a 99.99% platform uptime.

You can read more about Amplitude’s platform, security, and privacy here.

Start Breaking Silos

Strong data management enables your teams to focus on what matters most: discovering what drives growth in your product. With Pipelines and Govern, you can finally break data silos that are holding your business back. How will that feel? Well, we asked our customers.

We strive to be the best solution in not just data management but also product analytics and behavioral targeting. These three pillars make our platform a true product intelligence solution. Request a demo today.

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