Amplitude Is Here to Take Data-led Academy’s Mission Forward

It’s time to demystify customer data infrastructure for product and growth teams.

January 13, 2022
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Arpit Choudhury
Founder, astorik

In 2020, I created Data-led Academy (DLA)—a free resource to learn all about customer data infrastructure—to foster data literacy among product and growth professionals. Today, I’m pleased to announce that Amplitude is the new home for the DLA guides.

After spending six months leading the implementation of the customer data infrastructure (CDI) at Integromat, a fast-growing SaaS company, I started DLA to offer a vendor-neutral resource for unbiased educational content about CDI.

DLA’s mission is to enable product and growth professionals do the following:

  • Understand how customer data is collected and prepared for analysis and activation
  • Collaborate with data and engineering teams on the process of collecting customer data and be confident questioning its accuracy
  • Analyze user behavior and build customer experiences powered by data

Anyone who has done the above is, in my opinion, a data-led professional.

Based on firsthand experience going through the above process, I decided to write an ebook covering the core aspects of customer data infrastructure. After turning the ebook into a structured course and gathering feedback from folks who found it useful, it became evident that the content can have a larger impact if broken down into smaller chunks that are easier to consume and distribute.

Therefore, I decided to publish the content as individual, actionable guides that have been consumed by tens of thousands of people over the last 18 months. But numbers aside, DLA has managed to have a real impact—people have reached out personally to share how they’ve derived value from the guides—from avoiding costly mistakes to getting a job based on the newly acquired knowledge.

While it’s clear that the guides are filling a gap, the modern data landscape has been evolving at an incredible pace, and to continue offering high-quality content on related topics, DLA needs a partner that’s serious about spreading data literacy and bridging the gap between data and people.

Enter, Amplitude.

What makes Amplitude a great partner?

The ideal partner I was looking for was a data company dedicated to building for and catering to the needs of product and growth teams.

Amplitude is already a leading source of educational content for this audience—folks like John Cutler and Adam Greco of Amplitude are leading voices in product and marketing analytics respectively. With the DLA collaboration, Amplitude is now doubling down on its educational efforts to democratize data literacy.

Moreover, with its massive adoption and commitment to innovating for product teams, Amplitude is well equipped to enable a less-technical audience to put their data literacy to work and build better digital experiences.


Amplitude already processes over one trillion events per month. When I first came across that statistic, I spent several minutes pondering over the sheer scale at which Amplitude’s products have been adopted. Allow me to break this number down and explain what it really means.

Every event processed is a piece of interaction someone has with a digital product—an action performed on a website or inside an app—a click or a tap that results in a piece of data being captured and sent to Amplitude’s systems.

With more than 33 billion of those data points being processed every single day and with digital adoption on the rise, one can rest assured that Amplitude has made the requisite investment to build infrastructure that can scale to hundreds of billions of events per day.


You probably already know that Amplitude’s core product is Amplitude Analytics—the #1 product analytics solution. However, deriving insights from product data alone is not enough—product and growth teams need to also drive action based on those insights.

Driving action entails activating the data to build personalized customer experiences, which in turn requires running experiments and offering recommendations. Amplitude now offers two products to do so, aptly named Experiment and Recommend.

That’s not all though—Amplitude also offers end-to-end data management for teams to collaboratively plan, implement, and maintain high-quality event data.

What’s Next?

Over the next few months, the Data-led Academy guides will be updated and moved over to Amplitude’s website. And while that will mark the end of DLA as you know it, expect to see a lot more educational content and opinions to get you thinking, from me and the Amplitude team covering all aspects of the modern data stack.

The modern data landscape is fascinating and the lines between data and business teams are blurring—effective collaboration and harmony require data teams to understand how business teams function and vice versa. We also hope to help with this endeavor by creating resources that you can share internally with various stakeholders.

Lastly, customer data management, as a topic and technology, has soared in relevance as more people today acknowledge that a strong data foundation is not only an advantage, but also a prerequisite to remain relevant.

Amplitude powers data-led insights for hundreds of companies and, as discussed above, enables product and growth professionals to own their entire data workflow—from analysis to activation—while also providing necessary tools for them to collaborate with data teams and play an important role in setting up customer data infrastructure.

Learn more about laying your data foundation in my guide with Amplitude on Behavioral Data & Event Tracking.

Behavioral Data Event Tracking
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