Pioneering Data Privacy Across Digital Analytics with Amplitude and Transcend

How to automatically fulfill privacy requests on your digital analytics data with Amplitude and Transcend.

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January 5, 2022
Image of Ben Brook
Ben Brook
Co-Founder and CEO, Transcend

Transcend is the privacy platform that makes it easy to encode privacy across your tech stack. By allowing companies to connect and orchestrate data actions across all their SaaS tools, internal databases, and systems, Transcend makes it easy for companies to automatically fulfill data subject requests.

Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System enables organizations to deeply understand which digital experiences and customer behaviors lead to long-term value. These critical insights are accessible and actionable across every team, allowing for data-driven decisions that deliver real business outcomes.

How data rights impact your company’s operations

As our world becomes more and more digital, companies track an increasing amount of user behaviors to help their products run efficiently and provide insights for their teams.

In tandem, privacy laws like Europe’s GDPR and California’s CCPA continue to shape individual protections and ownership over their own user data, including the right to access, erase, or opt-out of their data being accessible to these companies. But it goes beyond the law – today’s consumers expect companies to meet these requirements seamlessly and transparently as a foundation to building trust with the brand.

Operationalizing these requirements often relies on shared privacy@ email inboxes, cumbersome form collections, and internal ticketing systems. These manual systems consume significant time and processing costs across legal and engineering teams, especially with the volume and detail of modern digital analytics.

With Transcend Privacy Requests, you can fully automate privacy request compliance easily across internal systems and external vendors like Amplitude, increasing internal efficiencies and enhancing trust with your users.

Automating data privacy across Amplitude

At Transcend, we’re focused on moving companies into the future of data privacy. Our privacy platform frees up resources, enhances regulatory stances for the laws of today and tomorrow, and empowers companies to build stronger relationships with customers through respectful, compliant data transparency and controls.

Transcend has partnered with Amplitude to automate privacy requests end-to-end in the Amplitude platform, enabling companies to fulfill the requests they receive seamlessly, securely, and at scale.

How to connect Transcend and Amplitude

Connecting Amplitude to Transcend allows you to quickly locate user data and seamlessly orchestrate data actions (e.g. access or erase) across the Amplitude platform.

First, search for the Amplitude project involved in your customer’s data subject requests and locate your API and Secret Keys, which you’ll need when connecting the Amplitude integration in the Transcend dashboard.

Next, within Transcend, specify the data access, erasure, or any other action to enable on different Amplitude data points (e.g., Global Profile and User Activity). If a data subject is involved in multiple projects, each project can be connected in Transcend as separate Amplitude data silos.

Transcend then automatically compiles the data subject’s personal data, performs the requested data action, and returns the data found in Amplitude for each privacy request received.

Transcend is the only data privacy partner that can reduce breach risk rather than add to it. Transcend is secure-by-design–with our on-premise security gateway, we don’t have your keys and we never see the data that’s operating in your systems.

How Companies Benefit From the Transcend + Amplitude Integration

Best-in-class companies like Clubhouse and Good Eggs use Transcend and Amplitude together to ensure that their data privacy is secure and scalable while leveraging digital intelligence to optimize their business.

These companies understand that data privacy is critical to their customers. A trustworthy brand and an elevated customer experience begin with proper data privacy protocols given to their users. The Transcend + Amplitude integration helps companies meet this promise in a way that is automated and efficient for everyone.

Ready to get seamless privacy management and improve your digital optimization? Implement Transcend’s Amplitude Integration [free for Amplitude customers] or get an Amplitude demo today.

About the Author
Image of Ben Brook
Ben Brook
Co-Founder and CEO, Transcend
Ben Brook is the CEO and co-founder of Transcend, a data privacy technology company headquartered in San Francisco. Backed by Accel and Index Ventures, Transcend makes it simple for companies to give users control over their data, and has built engineering solutions to chart the path forward for modern data rights. Solving the technical challenges of managing personal data, especially in light of increased global regulation and consumer interest, is Ben’s biggest passion.

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