Meet Amplitude’s 2021 Datamonsters of the Year

Celebrating the 25 global customers that shared the most business insights over the past year in a mission to create more data-driven cultures

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December 20, 2021
Image of Jenna Kozel King
Jenna Kozel King
Vice President, Corporate Marketing + Communications, Amplitude
Datamomonster Awards

As we look back at 2021 and begin to build for 2022, I’m blown away by what our customers have accomplished. The analysts, developers, managers, and marketers that use Amplitude ground everything they do in a deep understanding of their customers’ needs, in pursuit of building great technology.

Our customers are experimenting, building with data, and transforming their businesses with product-led strategies. We are so proud to support their work.

That’s why we’re thrilled to reveal our Datamonsters of the Year for 2021. Named in honor of Amplitude’s mascot “The Datamonster,” these honorees are the Amplitude power users who have continuously created and shared the highest number of insights through Broadcasted Learnings over the past year.

A Broadcasted Learning is a chart, dashboard, or Notebook created by an Amplitude user and then consumed by multiple team members within a seven-day period. Broadcasted learnings are an example of a North Star metric for the Amplitude team. We’re thrilled when our customers find and share insights that help their team learn and take action.

From creating a 60% increase in user time on their platform by analyzing and optimizing individual lessons at Upskillist to making fast data-informed decisions to grow existing games and decide whether to close or keep investing in a new title at Zeptolab, these customers are solving their key business challenges with Amplitude.

Additionally, these honorees are growing their teams on Amplitude, increasing the agility for business owners to get the data they need to make critical business and product decisions, and creating data-driven cultures at their companies. For example, Etermax has grown the data team members on Amplitude by 50% this year, Goama has reduced the manpower by 3-4 hours daily in reporting, and Qualtrics has grown quarterly active users in Amplitude by 700% over the last 2 years.

Introducing the 2021 Datamonsters of the Year

  1. Robbin Brillantes, Data Analytics Head at ABS-CBN Global Ltd.
  2. Colin Whooten, Director of Product Management at Cricket Health
  3. Olivia Peng, Sr Data Scientist at Himalaya
  4. Liliia Lutsenko, Product Analyst at BetterMe: Health & Fitness Apps
  5. Stefan Partin, Senior Data Scientist at Qualtrics
  6. Khairani Ummah, Product Analyst at HappyFresh
  7. Polina Orlowicz, Senior Digital Product Analyst at GfK
  8. Shuki Cohen, Data Scientist at AI21 Labs
  9. Ariel Perucca Data Analyst at Etermax
  10. Julia Khokhanovska, Data Analyst at Tilting Point
  11. Zach Rachins, Director, Head of Insurance & Protection Products at Hopper
  12. Padraic Rowley, Product Manager & NLP specialist at Upskillist
  13. Andrew Thomas, Associate Product Manager at CloudApp
  14. Shally Modi, Co-founder, Head of Product atPratilipi
  15. Lluís Puigdemont Pascual, Product Analyst at Zeptolab
  16. Justin Hackney, VP of Marketing at Bark
  17. Melissa Staley, Consumer Insights Manager at Route
  18. Rafi Maulana, Product and Data Analytics at Glints
  19. Alon Wertheimer, VP of Marketing at Truebill
  20. Brian DeGraf, Product Manager at Super Lucky Casino Inc.
  21. Anubha Agrawal, Head Of Business Intelligence at Goama
  22. Jeff Sato, Director, Analytics And Data Engineering at Thrive Market
  23. Zach Kahn, Lead Product Manager at Lime
  24. Patrick Bourget, Product Director at LANDR
  25. Alina De Cordoba, Product Manager at Current

These Datamonsters used Amplitude to power their decisions during the past year, creating Broadcasted Learnings in 47 of the last 52 weeks. Our honorees cover five functions including product, marketing, data science, analytics, and leadership. And, to top it off, we have two returning honorees: Andrew Thomas from CloudApp and Liliia Lutsenko from BetterMe.

Want to know how your team members can become Datamonsters? We announced several new products, features, and integrations this year that will enable more teams to create a data-driven culture. Learn more about our new products Amplitude Experiment and Amplitude Recommend, and our new features including New Session Analysis and our Snowflake integration to get started.

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About the Author
Image of Jenna Kozel King
Jenna Kozel King
Vice President, Corporate Marketing + Communications, Amplitude
Jenna Kozel King is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Amplitude. Previously, she was Vice President of Corporate Communications and Content Marketing at Okta.