Announcing Our Inaugural DEI Report

At Amplitude, we know DEI is about more than spoken commitments—it’s about action. That’s why we’re sharing the results of our first-ever DEI report and being transparent about how we need to improve.

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May 19, 2022
Image of Nikki Lasley
Nikki Lasley
Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Amplitude
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As the first ever Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Amplitude, I’ve learned that there’s no one-size-fits-all diversity solution or program. Every company is different. The results of our first DEI report, released this week, reveal exactly where Amplitude stands on DEI and where we need to improve. Compiled based on data from 2021, the report covers the values that drive us forward, our strategic plan for defining measurable DEI goals, our current demographics, , and the ways that we are making a difference.

Our key findings show that there is work to be done, and it would be remiss to claim anything different. We want to model being authentic by being radically transparent about where we are right now, so that we can see how we can all work together to improve. Part of our DEI goals include increasing female participation in tech and improving the ethnic diversity of Amplitude, especially in our leadership ranks. Currently, our data on gender exists within the gender binary of male and female identified Ampliteers. In our next report, we will include data that reflects the gender spectrum.

Overall, 41% of the company is female identified. In terms of ethnic diversity, 51.1% of the company is White, 32.5% Asian, with less than five percent of the company comprising of Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Bi/Multiracial, or Native American peoples. It is important to note that currently, not all of the races/ethnicities mentioned are seen at all levels of the company.

It is not enough to have a commitment to DEI; we must have a plan for how to enact change within the company. Our strategic plan includes:

  • intentionally partnering with companies that will allow us to connect to and recruit diverse talent
  • embedding DEI learning into our onboarding and continual education process
  • intentionally working to create an anti-racist environment for all Ampliteers
  • developing 10 ERGs, with room for more
  • creating a mentor program
  • promoting employee wellness through our wellbeing program
  • continuing to support Black leadership in tech with our Tech for Black Founders program
  • hosting regular safe spaces in response to global and community events

Overall, we are focused on laying the foundation for future success. In 2020, we launched a six-month pilot mentoring program that would allow for mentees from underrepresented groups to connect with leaders at Amplitude. As this program continues to grow, Ampliteers will have the ability to be matched with external mentors based on various identities including race and gender. We also want to create a culture where holistic wellbeing is ingrained into our culture. Our Wellbeing Wednesdays series showcases different aspects of wellbeing across diverse communities. Furthermore, we partner with our ERGs to highlight and amplify their programs, and we pay attention to identity-based and intersectional aspects of wellbeing.

Our authentic goal is to create an environment of belonging for all. We must be mindful that increasing diversity without increasing inclusiveness actually negates the positive effects of diversity. One crucial role that every Ampliteer shares is their ability to create a more diverse and inclusive environment, and to be compassionate disruptors who live by our core company values of humility, ownership, and growth-mindset.

Be sure to check out the full DEI report to get a better idea of our baseline, and how we hope to grow from here.

We’re always welcoming more Ampliteers to our team. Check out our careers page to see open roles at Amplitude.

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About the Author
Image of Nikki Lasley
Nikki Lasley
Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Amplitude
Nikki is the Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Amplitude, where she focuses on leveraging the power of inclusive behaviors to impact recruiting, learning, culture and employee engagement. Previously, she was Vice President of DEI at Bank of the West.

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