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Amplitude is introducing new ways to collaborate on insights inside the tools you love!

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November 2, 2022
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Kate Adams
Product Manager, Amplitude
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Product teams today work in a variety of tools, whether Miro for white-boarding and Ideation, Atlassian for wiki and documentation, Slack for messaging, and Notion for collaborative workflows. Surfacing product insights in these tools can unlock new opportunities for product teams in the context of how teams collaborate on designing a new feature, analyzing the latest experiment results, or even triaging a significant anomaly around key product performance metrics.

What if you could embed data analysis directly into your product workflows? The future of analytics is an experience, with data integrated into and inseparable from how we do our jobs. We work the way your teams want to work in Amplitude or in the tools you use today, so your teams can learn together.

Data-driven brainstorms in Miro


Use Amplitude in Miro to collaborate in real-time on an infinite canvas with your team to brainstorm, gather feedback, or present on feature release metrics, A/B test experiments results, and more! With the Amplitude app, you can search and add unlimited Amplitude charts without leaving your Miro board, allowing you to capture ideas to incorporate into tasks seamlessly. Plus, coming soon you can directly copy your Amplitude analytics link and paste it on a Miro board to see a preview of your chart. Refresh it any time to get the latest view. Learn more on how to get started here.

Track feature releases in Notion


Notion is an all-in-one workspace that combines essential work tools like notes, docs, wikis, and project management into one collaborative and customizable place. Teams across any company – including product, engineering, marketing, and sales – use Notion to collaborate on customer research, feature adoption, experimentation, and more.

Because it’s often critical to include data in write-ups like these, Amplitude users can bring Amplitude charts and data into existing workflows in Notion, simply by pasting a link into Notion. Need a template to get started? We’ve got you covered with our feature engagement template, where you can quickly drop a chart and identify opportunities for feature adoption. Learn more about how to get started here.

Collaborate on insights with Slack


Slack is our most popular integration to date with over 1500 organizations leveraging Slack to communicate and collaborate on real-time insights using Amplitude. Change.Org, one of the world’s largest petition platforms, uses Amplitude’s Slack integration as a strategic way to increase data literacy across global teams.

The best thing about the Amplitude and Slack integration is that whenever people have a question or are talking about a specific metric, one of the users can pull in an Amplitude report to Slack. “People can quickly look at the data, understand the trends and talk about next steps right away without having to go back and forth between different tools

Today you can preview Amplitude charts directly in Slack, receive @mentions via notifications, and even subscribe to regular dashboard updates in your channels! Getting started is easy. Just head to your Amplitude profile and connect to Slack. It’s that simple!

Document learnings anywhere in Atlassian


Atlassian lets product and engineering teams build better and ship faster. Coming soon to Atlassian customers, Amplitude users can quickly organize analysis workflows with chart previews across apps such as Confluence, Jira, and Trello. Keep track of your analysis in a single place alongside project timelines and actions. Atlassian and Amplitude make it easier to collaborate on product development – all in one place. Learn about Atlassian smart links with Amplitude here

Today’s best product companies are built and empowered by teams that view analytics as team-focused, collaborative, and impact-centric. A new self-service model is replacing the old “self-service” model for analytics, one that is more flexible and interactive. Embedded insights from Amplitude help product teams learn where they work. We’re excited to see how you take advantage of Amplitude in the tools you love!

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Image of Kate Adams
Kate Adams
Product Manager, Amplitude
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