Unveiling the Rainbow: Ampliteers Share their Journey During Pride Month

In celebration of Pride Month, Ampliteers share their perspectives on making the tech community more inclusive.

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June 14, 2023
Image of Nikki Lasley
Nikki Lasley
Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Amplitude
Equality in rainbow colors

Amplitude is proud to join the global celebration of Pride Month. Throughout June, our ERG Spotlight Series will amplify the voices and experiences of our incredible Ampliteers who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In this edition, we’ll be featuring:

What’s your work background and what’s your role at Amplitude?

Maria: I am the HR Business Partner for the EMEA and APJ Teams based at the London Office and work with amazing and talented colleagues all over the world. I have the opportunity to partner with so many functions in the business, and support our international workforce and leaders. I help them focus on strategy and initiatives aligned with the company's core values and overall business objectives.

Clarence: I specialized in Revenue Accounting, ASC606, and Audit primarily in the SaaS industry and consumer products and retail. I’m now a Senior Revenue Accountant on the Accounting team.

Carmen: My tech career began in sales and quickly transitioned to enablement and product marketing. Shortly after joining Amplitude, I began focusing on product-led growth (PLG) and now I’m the Manager of Monetization Growth Marketing. My team owns lifecycle marketing, product-led sales, and our startup programs.

Tyler: While I started here as a Sr. Enterprise Customer Success Manager, I am now a Sr. Engagement Manager on our Professional Services team. I help new customers get up and running with Amplitude for the first time, as well as help existing customers unlock new use cases with us, all in the spirit of receiving value from their investment as soon as possible!

What does it mean to you to celebrate Pride at Amplitude?

Maria: It means we are creating a real, strong, and visible inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and celebrated for who they are, no matter what. This reinforces the sense of belonging while sending a powerful message: we promote equality.

It also means that we create a safe space for people to feel supported and affirmed within the workplace and a great opportunity to learn about queer history, current issues, and the significance of Pride.

Clarence: Celebrating pride to me means respecting, recognizing, and honoring not only people who identify within the LGBTQIA+ community but also celebrating everyone's differences. Celebrating pride at Amplitude gives me the assurance that I’m in a safe space and that I can thrive professionally while being authentically myself.

Carmen: Pride began as and still is a protest. I see Pride at Amplitude as an opportunity to continue fighting for my community by educating colleagues, fundraising for charities, and celebrating the brilliance we bring to every room or Zoom we enter.

Tyler: It means knowing that I am accepted for who I am, and that includes by my colleagues and my employer. Celebrating Pride at work is not something everyone is able to do comfortably or confidently. My ability to be open about who I am and share my whole self with my Amplitude peers fearlessly is something I remind myself to never take for granted.

What do you think the tech industry can do to be more inclusive?

Maria: Tech companies have the possibility to drive change from within. The power of innovation and the ability to analyze internal data can really help build and foster a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace culture. Inclusion shall be a non-stop conversation in tech; a constant cycle that repeatedly sees us having continuous training on hiring practices and unconscious biases, as well as mentorship opportunities for underrepresented groups, and safe spaces that are easily accessible to everyone with leaders' engagement.

Clarence: I believe being inclusive within the tech workspace ultimately boils down to a work environment that allows everyone to feel valued. The key to being more inclusive begins with building awareness and understanding everyone’s experiences and challenges that they may be facing. This can be implemented by educating everyone on potential micro-aggressions and subconscious biases they may have.

Further, as an analytics company, we can also use our product to identify any potential gaps in remuneration and use trends/patterns to see potential underpayment of particular groups of people.

Lastly, getting involved is key. We can all make a difference by supporting different communities at work and learning from each other. Honoring your privilege by using your voice to elevate others can go a long way.

Carmen: Aside from creating safe, secure spaces for everyone to be their authentic selves, I would like to see every tech company offer inclusive health care for all because gender-affirming care is essential, lifesaving health care.

Tyler: The Tech industry in particular has an opportunity to lead by example. Being on the “cutting edge” doesn’t just have to apply to technology. Be an early adopter of working as an ally with supportive organizations, like Amplitude does with The Trevor Project. Ensure that your benefits and policies respect all identities and healthcare needs. Provide listening circles for current events, including those that impact LGBTQIA+ rights. Some of this may seem like common sense, but there will be companies out there that would have never considered these actions. Making your space as safe as possible will help you guarantee access to the talent that our community has to offer.

What advice would you give to people aspiring for success in your field?

Maria: My top advice will always be to repeatedly invest in your own development, continue to gain skills, and grow your expertise. There’s always something new to learn in HR. Every day is different and every situation teaches HR professionals a new story. Stay true to the values and people, build relationships, trust, and let’s make positive change happen!

Clarence: Just like in any job, your success does not depend on technical knowledge alone. It is important to acknowledge that you would not have the answer to everything as we are all a continual work in progress. Look at each day as an opportunity to learn something new and trust the process. Success is not obtained overnight.

Carmen: The way you see and move through the world matters and your unique perspective is needed. Almost any technical skill can be learned easily. It’s much harder to learn how to build community and have deep empathy for others, but the queer community excels at this. Tap into those capabilities and bring that with you to work. It will set you apart more and more as you develop domain expertise.

Tyler: It may sound simple, but I am a strong believer in being yourself! You can still be professional and bring your own flair to your job, especially in customer-facing roles. This goes beyond talking about the weather at the beginning of a conversation. Everyone is a human being at the end of the day, and we can all detect the “fluff” and the “jargon” from a mile away. As long as you’re helping customers meet their objectives, there’s still room to keep it light, have fun with your work, and connect on a human level. We spend too much time doing our jobs to fake our way through it, and the person on the other end of the conversation will appreciate you for being vulnerable and authentic. I promise!

The LGBTQIA+ Community at Amplitude

Amplitude’s company-wide employee resource group (ERG) for the LGBTQIA+ community, the Rainbow Community, aspires to create a safe and inclusive environment where all employees feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work all day, every day. Beyond creating a safe and inclusive environment, The Rainbow Community is determined to raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues, build allyship through education, and make a positive impact in the broader community.

Interested in the Amplitude experience? Check out our careers site to learn more about #LifeAtAmplitude!

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Image of Nikki Lasley
Nikki Lasley
Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Amplitude
Nikki is the Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Amplitude, where she focuses on leveraging the power of inclusive behaviors to impact recruiting, learning, culture and employee engagement. Previously, she was Vice President of DEI at Bank of the West.

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