Intern Spotlight: Daniel Beer, Engineering Intern

In this Intern Spotlight series, Daniel Beer shares his experience with Amplitude’s Software Engineering team.

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May 2, 2022
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Emily Sampson
Early Career & University Recruiter, Amplitude
Intern Spotlight: Daniel Beer, Engineering Intern

Amplitude’s University Recruiting team strives to inspire early-career talent to build better products through internships and learning opportunities. Our mission is to nurture talent through measurable projects and developmental experiences that ultimately impact Amplitude’s product and culture.

To celebrate the achievements of our interns, we’re launching an Intern Spotlight to amplify the meaningful work accomplished within the internship program.

First up in the series: Daniel Beer, Software Engineer Intern, Integrations

Tell us about yourself and what you do at Amplitude:

I’m an ambitious software engineer who enjoys tackling challenging problems, and am highly motivated by having a direct customer impact. I’ll be graduating at the end of spring 2022 from the University of Waterloo’s Computer Science program. At Amplitude, I work in a full-stack capacity on the Integrations team, which enables customers to easily move data between Amplitude and other third-party applications. I’ve worked on impactful projects including designing and implementing new solutions for effectively connecting apps like Mailchimp, Qualtrics, and HubSpot to Amplitude, as well as improving the performance of our back-end services.

What’s been your favorite thing about your internship?

The diverse opportunities I’ve had to grow as an engineer, as a whole. I achieved far more in eight months than I ever could have expected coming into my co-op, thanks to my manager allowing me to take on work that really pushed my boundaries and support not only from within the Integrations team, but whoever else I needed it from within the company. I had the flexibility to work on problems that interested me and many chances to learn through working with great like-minded individuals within the Integrations team, as well as other teams at Amplitude, external partners, and customers.

What has been your most impactful project while at Amplitude?

I had the opportunity to take a lead role in developing a new integration with HubSpot to enable customers to better understand how users interacted with the customers’ email marketing campaigns. The integration allowed them to pull those events from HubSpot into Amplitude for analysis. On a customer call, I had the opportunity to discuss the requirements of the integration with the head of marketing at an up-and-coming tech company, then worked with our Data I/O team to design the back-end infrastructure, and finally, collaborated with two other full-time engineers on the Integrations team to implement my full-stack solution. I’m thrilled that we already have multiple customers lined up who are excited to use this feature.

When not being a Datamonster, what are your hobbies?

Mountain biking is my primary hobby—I love riding, doing mechanical work on bikes, and reading about and testing the latest new parts and technology. Outside of mountain biking, I find myself 3D modeling and printing and am excited by researching new investment opportunities. I also enjoy jazz music and hard science fiction.

What advice would you give to people aspiring to start a career in your field?

Be a sponge and actively seek out new learning opportunities. Even when you’re on a co-op or internship, some of the best opportunities aren’t going to be offered directly to you.

What is your favorite comfort food?

Regular Ruffles, or Old Dutch Rip-L in a pinch

Excited by Daniel’s Amplitude experience? Check out our internship opportunities to see how you can become a fellow Datamonster.

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Image of Emily Sampson
Emily Sampson
Early Career & University Recruiter, Amplitude
Emily Sampson is a university & early career recruiter, building Amplitude's early career programs with a focus on scaling inclusively to drive long-term impact on the business. She is a member of the Women in Tech ERG, and in her free time, you'll find her curled up with a fiction novel with her shepherd mix by her side.
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