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William Zhang

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Posted on July 2, 2019

We're excited to announce Amplitude's Partner Certification Program! Explore our global community of product, growth, and analytics experts.

Tracking behavioral data about your product and its users is challenging. Making sense of the collected information and relevant learnings is challenging. Uncovering actionable insights, driving intelligent data-informed decisions, and aligning on meaningful measurements for success across a digital organization is very challenging.

The best product and growth teams in the world today are able to effectively use data to deeply understand user behavior to help them create better digital experiences. Yet theseMany companies recognize the need to enable their digital teams with product analytics & intelligence, but often lack the expertise and resources to successfully do so. types of highly efficient, data-mature organizations are few and far between. Instead, many companies recognize the need to enable their digital teams with product analytics & intelligence, but often lack the expertise and resources to successfully do so.

Where do you start? What are the right questions to ask? What is the appropriate approach for answering them? How do you systematically surface insights or learnings? How can you effectively take action on those learnings? How do you measure the impact of your efforts?

There’s no silver bullet for getting it right. It requires creating organizational change that provides the right environment, process, and people needed to optimally operate as a data-informed business. It’s a daunting journey, but you’re not alone. There are steps that can be taken in the right direction and it starts with having the appropriate expertise to guide you.

A Global Community of Trusted Experts

We launched our Solutions Partner Program in 2017 with 5 initial Solutions Partners—agencies and consultancies that provide strategic and technical support for product analytics services. Since then, we’ve expanded to working with more than 40 Solutions Partners globally that have helped organizations around the world leverage product intelligence to drive digital growth for their businesses.

Today we are excited to announce our Certified Amplitude Partner Experts community. In addition to recognizing the organizations we partner with, we would like to highlight the individuals who work hands-on with customers to create tangible impact on a day-to-day basis.

Through this program, we are building a premier community of Product Analytics We are building a premier community of Product Analytics practitioners with trusted industry and product expertise.practitioners with trusted industry and product expertise. Our Partner Experts are rigorously trained and certified in the ability to implement and utilize Amplitude to understand user behavior and develop data-informed product and growth decisions.

Individuals can be certified in two key competencies:

1. Insights Expert

The Insights Expert has successfully completed training modules and a strategy certification assessment. She or he has proficiency in leveraging Amplitude to analyze behavioral data and surface insights to drive meaningful decisions.

Insights Expert Individual (1)This badge denotes a certified insights expert.

2. Implementation Expert

The Implementation Expert has successfully completed training modules and a technical certification assessment. She or he has proficiency in implementing Amplitude through developing a holistic instrumentation strategy and well-structured taxonomy that ensures data clarity, integrity, and value.

Implementation Expert Individual (1)This badge denotes a certified implementation expert.


What Our Partner Experts Say About Becoming Certified

We asked a handful of our global partners to share the impact of Amplitude Certified on their team operations and capabilities. Here’s what they said.

AMER Partner Experts:

ShaynaStewartShayna Stewart

“The Amplitude Certification requires an intimate knowledge of how to do product analytics right. This is certainly a great test for industry professionals to benchmark their product analytics chops to ensure that they are unlocking the true power of Amplitude data; which is to make impactful product optimizations.”—Shayna Stewart, Digital Product Manager, Y Media Labs


JessicaWagnerJessica Wagner

“Fueled’s Amplitude Certification enables us to provide our partners with data-driven product, marketing, and business recommendations that drive retention, conversion, and revenue.”—Jessica Wagner, Lead Product & Growth Manager, Fueled

EMEA Partner Experts:

ZoranArsenovicZoran Arsenović

“Having team members Amplitude Certified allows us to be quickly recognised by our prospective clients as experts in the field, while our current clients stay confident that they are in safe hands.”—Zoran Arsenović, Lead UX Designer, Five


KarHayHoKary Hay Ho

“The Amplitude Certification ensures our customers and prospects know Massive Rocket has a great working relationship with Amplitude and validates our expertise in showing value in all aspects of the solution.”—Kary Hay Ho, Senior Product Strategist, Massive Rocket


APAC Partner Experts:

TonyByunTony Byun

“Endorsement as a Certified Partner Expert helps to further strengthen our standing as a solutions consultancy with deep expertise in Amplitude in the Korean and wider APAC market. With this affirmation of our credentials and credibility, we will be able to open more doors, reach out to more companies in the region, and pass on our expertise.”Tony Byun, VP of Solutions Engineering, AB180


Meet Our Global Partner Experts

To develop an optimal product analytics strategy, create an instrumentation plan, or unlock more value and insights from the behavioral data that you are collecting, get an expert opinion. Look for companies and individuals with a Certified Amplitude Partner Expert badge, like these from our inaugural global cohort:

AMER Partner Experts:

CRO Metrics

  • Alan Atlas

Effin Amazing

  • Dan McGaw
  • Nik Friedman TeBockhorst


  • Alisha Vimawala
  • Jessica Wagner
  • Robert Bye
  • Sacha Guyon

Mammoth Growth

  • Natalia Nunez

Prolific Interactive

  • Angie Cho
  • Robert O’Dowd
  • Jai Desai

Punchkick Interactive

  • Joseph Gibson


  • Brett Koonce
  • Jacob Muchow


  • Steven Aldrich
  • Spencer Barrett

Robosoft Technologies

  • Bhavna Shah
  • Dhruva Vishwanath
  • Gourav Bhandari
  • Jyotish Sonowal
  • Kiran Dalvi
  • Priyanka Shroff
  • Raghavendra Sapaliga
  • Richa Keshri
  • Siddharth Sanka
  • Siddharth Ingle
  • Sudheer Bhat
  • Syed Abbas
  • Trupti Chavare
  • Uday Shankar K
  • Vikram Kalle


  • James Costa
  • Adam Bernstein
  • Oz Nazilli

Y Media Labs

  • Poojan Jhaveri
  • Shayna Stewart

EMEA Partner Experts:


  • Maria Semenova
  • Vadim Shestakov


  • Denis Čuljak
  • Matija Sulc
  • Ivan Paladin
  • Zoran Arsenović

Magnetic Bytes

  • Artem Volk


  • Alex Gorius
  • Alice Muir
  • Eric Christensen
  • Natalie Fitch
  • Tessa Miskell


  • Ari-Matti Nivasalo
  • Juho Sorvettula
  • Klaus Julin

APAC Partner Experts:


  • Emily Park
  • Jaeheung Kim
  • Jaemoon Lee
  • Jimmy Kim
  • Sam Lee
  • Seonggeon Ahn
  • Tony Byun

CJ OliveNetworks

  • Byungjoo Chun
  • Kisu Jung

Plugged India

  • Kunal Bedi
  • Manish Malik

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William Zhang

Will leads our Partner Growth & Enablement initiatives at Amplitude, working with our best-in-class network of agency and technology partners. Previously he worked in Customer Success at Amplitude and analytics consulting at Accenture, and studied at the University of Pennsylvania.

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