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June 8, 2022
Image of Lisa Rothrauff
Lisa Rothrauff
Director of Customer Education, Amplitude
Amplitude Academy

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Amplitude Academy, a free resource to help anyone learn Amplitude skills and best practices.

Those who know Amplitude know that we care about helping people build their product expertise. We strive to share what we know about product analytics, digital optimization, and industry trends; we celebrate our product champions and their practices. With every support ticket, we aim to show you how to use Amplitude in just the way you need.

For some time, we’ve heard the need for a place where Amplitude practitioners and their teams can find on-demand resources or group training that will help them use our suite of products to solve their use cases, whether that’s with a single chart or a solution that spans across products.

Enter Amplitude Academy

Built by Amplitude’s newly formed Customer Education team, Amplitude Academy seeks to provide you with free and easy access—available any time, to anyone—to product training that focuses on both functionality and the value you derive from it. It’s the ideal tool for teams who need a solid foundation in Amplitude products and user best practices.

What you’ll find in Amplitude Academy

To date, we have over 30 pieces of content available for you to consume—everything from the basics of Amplitude Analytics, to a deep dive on Funnel Analysis, to a brand new course on Amplitude Data (beta)—and we’re adding more learning resources every week:

  • Online courses: Our courses teach our more robust products and features and the most common use cases for using them. Requiring less than an hour to consume, each course includes videos, activities, and knowledge checks to ensure that what you’re learning sticks. The courses also leverage Amplitude’s amazing demo environment, where you can practice new skills to make sure you’re really comfortable working in Amplitude.
  • Learning series: These are sets of courses, videos, and resources focused on a central problem that many customers are trying to address, such as conversion. While we suggest you take the courses in the recommended sequence, you’re free to consume them in whatever order you wish.
  • Standalone videos: These brief overviews are great if you’re short on time but big on curiosity. They introduce you to key features or charts, focusing on how to build with them and how to interpret the insights they yield. Customers love them when they’re “shopping” for additional features within Amplitude’s suite of products to leverage for their analyses.
  • Live training: Grateful for all the on-demand resources but prefer to learn live and from a trusted guide? Then our live sessions are for you. Led by our expert trainers, we teach foundational courses if you’re just beginning. We also offer deep dives if you want to learn about a feature and its use cases in depth. Live training is available across different time zones and signing up is free.

To stay up-to-date on our catalog, sign up here for a free Amplitude Academy account.

What’s next in Amplitude Academy

This is just the beginning. Now that we have much of our foundational content in place, we’ll be expanding the Academy’s catalog to include a broader and more advanced curriculum. This will include:

  • Coverage of all Amplitude products (a course on Amplitude Experiment is coming soon!)
  • Resources focused on common use cases that we’ve learned of from you
  • Deeper instruction on Amplitude’s advanced or lesser-known features

Adding to your self-service toolset

For Amplitude users like yourself, the Academy is another pillar of support for you to lean on as you use Amplitude to drive your product’s growth. Coupled with Amplitude Community and our robust Help Center, the Academy adds to Amplitude’s constellation of self-service offerings. So whether you end up being an avid Academy user or prefer to learn from what others are saying, we’ve got you covered.

How can we help?

If you think we should teach something new or different, please let us know. What would you and your team find helpful? We’d love your feedback here.

And of course, sign up for an Amplitude Academy account today to start exploring courses.


Many thanks to the broad team across Amplitude who helped make this happen: Archana Madhavan, Kelsey Cannon, Amish Patel, Nathan Livni, Ryan Ceroky, Brittany Shadduck, Tomoko Fushimi, Michael Heriford, Tiffany Parcasio, Tracy Guo, Simone Jacobs, Haley Cen, Alli Heller, Craig Rudrud, and many others across our Creative, Customer Success, Platform Support, and Marketing teams.

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About the Author
Image of Lisa Rothrauff
Lisa Rothrauff
Director of Customer Education, Amplitude
Lisa Rothrauff leads the Customer Education team at Amplitude. Her team helps customers learn how to use Amplitude products and derive the value they need from them. She is passionate about developing and leading teams that create transformative content and learning experiences. Lisa has held foundational education and training roles at small and mid-sized organizations.
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