Introducing the Amplitude Community

Brian Abad

Head of Technical Support

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Posted on February 1, 2021

Join the online Amplitude Community to learn best practices, engage in relevant discussions, and share your learnings with fellow Amplitude users.

Here at Amplitude, we’ve been on a mission to add more value for all of our users, regardless of their size or industry. I’m excited to introduce the new Amplitude Community, a place for global users to connect with each other and find solutions on how to best use Amplitude features. Users can explore this new community to:

  • Learn new ways to use the platform
  • Network with other professions in the product analytics space
  • Stay up to date on new things coming from Amplitude

All Amplitude customers will have access to this community to:

  • Search for content on best practices, discussions, or answers to questions about Amplitude
  • Post questions about the platform
  • Start a discussion or share ideas with other members of the community
  • Share their Amplitude expertise
  • Stay up to date on product releases as they come out
  • Join user groups
  • Earn points, badges, and ranks based on  involvement

Over time, we intend to evolve with the community and continue to offer content that you all want to see and engage with. So join our community, start your exploration, and let us know what you want to see.

Brian Abad

Finding ways to improve the customer experience across Support and Education.

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