Introducing “Next Gen Builders” a Podcast for Product and Growth Leaders

Join product executive Francois Ajenstat as he explores the future of digital innovation with industry pioneers on the "Next Gen Builders" podcast.

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May 30, 2024
Francois Ajenstat
Chief Product Officer
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The Amplitude team is podcast-obsessed. Whether it’s the thrill of true crime, the levity of pop culture, or the info-rich tech news that helps us keep a pulse on our industry—there’s no better way to derail a meeting than to bring up the hottest new podcast we’ve been listening to.

Humans are wired for storytelling. It’s how we communicate information, make sense of the world, and practice empathy. Every day our Ampliteers have the opportunity to hear inspiring stories. Whether it’s from our customers, partners, and industry product and growth leaders, I’ve always felt these conversations could be invaluable to others in the space if we can tell them on a broader platform.

This is why I’m proud to announce the launch of Next Gen Builders, a podcast that offers stories of career growth, creativity, impact, struggles, leadership, breakthroughs and innovation in a changing landscape. It debuts today with ten episodes launching every other week. And we hope it becomes your favorite new industry podcast you tell your colleagues about in meetings.

What is Next Gen Builders?

When you’re focused on moving the needle incrementally, or when you’re working on what’s already established, it might be hard to see yourself in the triumphant stories of giants like Jobs or Bezos.

But there is something relatable and universally identifiable within these stories. Something that resonates whether you’re a founder, an individual contributor, or somewhere in between. And that’s the feeling of impact—of doing something different.

It’s the feeling you get when you take a risk and see results. Or, when your most fulfilling work turns into a success. When you learn a tough lesson that helps you grow. When you get support on a big idea. This feeling is the engine pumping the heart of innovation.

That’s the sentiment we’re capturing in this podcast. We’re celebrating the feeling that unites every builder.

Next Gen Builders features in-depth conversations between myself, a product leader for more than 25 years, and my peers and friends—who happen to be some of the most notable and inspiring digital product and growth leaders. Our conversations will offer you an inside view into the nuts and bolts of digital innovation and leadership, so you can see exactly how teams connect grand visions to the grit of execution.

Listen along to the first-hand accounts from these industry pioneers who’ve figured it out. It’s a master class on thinking outside the box, breaking the rules, and building the next generation of cutting-edge digital products.

Meet your host

Though I’ve never hosted a podcast before, I can speak to the challenges and triumphs of innovation and breaking out of the middle firsthand.

I speak to customers every single day about their desire to build better products and experiences and drive impact. This is how I build product: by listening, understanding, solving problems, and innovating on behalf of customers.

Before becoming the host of this podcast or Chief Product Officer at Amplitude, I led Tableau’s product organization for 13 years and spent a decade at Microsoft working on SQL Server and Office. I’ve done technical partnerships at Cognos and was even a (bad) developer at a startup.

In my years building products customers love, I’ve met a network of interesting people—people who are excited to share their stories with you in Next Gen Builders.

Episode highlights

This series of conversations will cover a wide range of topics—from today’s emerging technologies like artificial intelligence to best practices like product-led growth, and themes like building a product venture capitalists want to invest in.

You’ll hear from leading builders about their history crafting and growing digital products. They’ll share their successes, “oh sh*t” moments, and hard-earned lessons on the way to the top.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in the coming weeks:

Listen and subscribe to hear the full roster of exciting leaders we’ve got on deck.

Why you should tune in

But we know you’re busy, so why should you listen? Here are a few reasons why we think it’s worth your time:

  • Advance your career with insights and practical guidance.
  • Find inspiration from the builders who cracked breakthrough innovation.
  • Improve your product’s success with advice from leading growth and product experts.
  • Find solace and solutions for shared challenges amid a crowded and evolving market.

Next Gen Builders isn’t just entertaining—it’s a bi-weekly investment in your growth. That one life lesson or nugget of information you’ll always remember? Next Gen Builders has it.

How to listen

Next Gen Builders will be available on all major podcast platforms, including YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. New episodes will be released every other week starting May 30.

Subscribe to Next Gen Builders today, so you’ll never miss an episode.

About the Author
Francois Ajenstat has a deep belief in the transformative power of data enabling people and organizations to drive better outcomes. As Chief Product Officer, Francois is responsible for Amplitude’s product strategy and execution, leading the product management, design, and growth organizations globally. Prior to Amplitude, he led Tableau’s product management organization for thirteen years. He has helped grow Tableau from a small startup to a publicly traded company to being acquired by Salesforce.

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