Introducing Session Replay: Building Great Products Just Got Easier

Session Replay powered by Amplitude simplifies your analytics stack and gives product teams more confidence to make faster decisions.

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August 15, 2023
Katie Barnett headshot
Katie Barnett
Principal Product Manager, Amplitude
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Product analytics is great for measuring quantitative data about users. You can easily pull metrics on key events, understand conversion and even visualize user journeys. But what if you wanted to go further and understand the full story? Maybe you want to explore the reasons behind your customer experience and uncover qualitative insights visually in the context of your product metrics and make faster decisions more confidently.

We’re excited to introduce Session Replay, which lets Amplitude customers bring their digital product experiences to life, unlocking new ways to diagnose product issues, improve conversion, and build better product experiences for customers.

Combined with best-in-class product analytics, Session Replay from Amplitude lets you consolidate your product + experience analytics stack on one platform with benefits that include lower costs, the ability to more deeply understand the “why” behind user behavior, and a more accurate picture of what your customers are doing in your product with replays tied to your user events.

Session Replay, launching in private preview today, will be available in the coming months for Amplitude customers. Sign up for the waitlist to indicate your interest in joining our Early Access Program.

Go further with Session Replay

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Improve product conversions

With Session Replay, you can now understand the journeys your users take to get to specific outcomes in the product and measure, track, and visualize these journeys by blending quantitative conversion insights with the power of qualitative user behavior powered by session replay. Use these learnings to hypothesize and test (through A/B testing) possible solutions for boosting conversions.

Design better experiences

Maybe you want to improve your product onboarding process and understand the actual vs. expected user paths your customers take. View a session, then highlight specific events of interest, then generate a chart of it to see if the “micro” user behavior is representative of a macro trend. Uncover insights that lead you to improve UX or uncover a bug that needs to be fixed. Session replay gives design teams access to rich UX insights to understand actual journeys so they can design for real usage patterns.

Diagnose product issues faster

Diagnosing product issues early is critical for high-growth teams. Using Session Replay, you can now easily identify what product issues are causing drop-offs. Without session replays, product teams need to reproduce the bug or website error and spend time decoding user bug reports to uncover the issue. Session replay combined with quantitative analytics can provide more context around product issues, helping product teams quickly get to the bottom of it and speed up the resolution process.

Built-in privacy and compliance

We’ve built Session Replay powered by Amplitude with our customers’ privacy needs in mind. We believe that handling user data with utmost care is the key to building trust with users. Session Replay powered by Amplitude comes with the benefit of Amplitude's existing security and privacy controls, including integrations with our User Privacy API and DSAR API to help you meet your privacy compliance obligations. Additionally, we designed our Session Replay functionality with default privacy settings, the ability to customize, limit retention of recordings, and more.

Get started today

Are you currently using a session replay tool or interested in uncovering qualitative insights in the context of your quantitative metrics to unlock growth bottlenecks, take faster actions, and simplify your analytics stack? Sign up for the waitlist for our Early Access Program.

About the Author
Katie Barnett headshot
Katie Barnett
Principal Product Manager, Amplitude
Katie is a principal product manager at Amplitude. She's focused on helping customers use the core Analytics product to gain user insights to build better products and drive business growth. Previously, she was a staff product manager at Gladly and a senior product manager at AppNexus. She's also worked in strategy & business development at Bloomberg and investment banking at Goldman Sachs.

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