How Jumbo Interactive Enabled Personalized Marketing Campaigns with Amplitude Audiences

Learn how Jumbo Interactive leveraged Amplitude Audiences to run personalized experiences at scale.

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April 25, 2022
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Chethana Kandula
Product Designer, Amplitude
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Email personalization is the process of tailoring an email campaign to a single user based on their behavioral data. Companies that use strategic personalization in their campaigns produce more revenue and are equipped to provide better service in their business. The potential of email campaigning is also enormous, with over 4.6 billion email addresses globally giving organizations a plethora of ways to engage new consumers.

Amplitude Audiences, a robust personalization tool that gives all digital businesses the power to create tailored experiences at scale—including personalization campaigns—allows you to accelerate your roadmap by years, increase conversion lift and save millions in cost.

Jumbo Interactive takes personalization to the next level

Jumbo Interactive has an online platform,, that resells Australian Lottery products like Oz Lotto, Powerball, and Lucky Lotteries’ Super and Mega Jackpots. The platform allows people to buy shares in lottery pools and resell tickets for popular charity lotteries.

Melissa Cowan, the Principal Growth Marketer at Jumbo, and her team used to send out roughly 5-6 emails each week to users to upsell, maintain retention, and enhance conversion rates. The team would send emails to the entire customer cohort with little to no targeting or personalization. Running email campaigns that were not personalized resulted in conversion rates as low as 2.85 percent.

Melissa realized that marketing efforts would be more effective if they were based on recommended content targeted to the user. Jumbo began by using Amplitude Analytics as a growth tool to learn insights into how their customers were using their site. When they heard about Amplitude Audiences, they knew it was just what they needed to take their personalization efforts to the next level.

“Amplitude Analytics allowed us to learn when and who to send messages to. Amplitude Audiences was the next step. It helped us to learn not only when and who to message, but also with what product.” —Melissa Cowan, Principal Growth Marketer

How Jumbo increased conversion by 120%

Jumbo was using Braze, a customer engagement platform, to send marketing campaigns. To avoid bombarding users with multiple emails, they relied on Amplitude Audiences. The team previously ran campaigns that were built on assumptions, but using the Recommendation feature, they were able to tailor a 1:1 experience with marketing initiatives based on insights from Amplitude Analytics.

“We achieved a 2.85% conversion rate for the control and a 6.25% conversion rate for the recommendations, so a lift of 120% for recommended content.”

Melissa Cowan, Principal Growth Marketer

In a matter of weeks, Melissa and her team were able to set up their first recommendation campaign. One of the first campaigns the team set up was an email campaign that sent users to the online shopping cart rather than to the charity lottery play page. Melissa believed that encouraging users to purchase a pre-selected ticket would increase conversion rates in sales. Amplitude made it simple for Jumbo to verify this theory and then adapt when new insights became available.

Putting recommended content cards in checkout was an excellent approach to promote charity draws to customers. As a result of this insight, the team decided to apply recommendations to email and app pushes. Every time a user purchased a ticket, Jumbo would send the user a personalized email or app push that recommended charity draws. This campaign’s uplift was significant.

“The team learned that the email had a 20% improvement over control; the app push had a 32% improvement over control, and the content card had an 8.5% improvement over control.”

Patrick Gordon, Head of Growth

Get started with Amplitude Audiences

The power of Amplitude Audiences is that it allows for a comprehensive feedback view. You can create 1:1 personalization without tapping into technical resources. By using a combination of product analytics and automated machine learning, you can determine the content that maximizes conversion without data science lifting a finger.

To learn more about tailored digital experiences, download the Mastering Retention Playbook or see a live demo to learn what Amplitude Audiences can do for your business.

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Image of Chethana Kandula
Chethana Kandula
Product Designer, Amplitude
Chethana Kandula is a product designer at Amplitude, where she focuses on making the user experience of the product meet the needs and expectations of the end user.