Meet the Ampliteer: Darshil Gandhi

In this Ampliteer Spotlight series, Darshil Gandhi shares his journey from enterprise solutions consulting to product marketing.

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September 27, 2023
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Blake Jackson
Manager, Global Talent Initiatives, Amplitude
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At Amplitude, our digital analytics platform enables companies to build better products. What's the power behind our products? It’s our people!

In our #MeetTheAmpliteer series, we’re amplifying their stories and honoring their achievements in shaping data-driven success.

This installment of the series spotlights Darshil Gandhi, principal product marketing manager, and recent winner of Amplitude’s Values Award for Growth Mindset.

Tell us about yourself, your role in powering Amplitude, and your personal journey that brought you to where you are today

I’ve been at Amplitude for nearly four years. I first joined our enterprise solutions consulting team, leading product demonstrations and trials for customer evaluations. I then transitioned to our product marketing team to lead global technical marketing.

I spent a decade in the USA, getting a master's degree in Engineering Management at Dartmouth College, working at large companies and startups in San Francisco, and eventually moving to Vancouver, Canada.

Darshil Gandhi stands next to Amplitude president Thomas Hansen accepting his award for 2022 Solutions Consultant of the Year

Darshil was the 2022 Global Solutions Consultant of the Year.

How does your role at Amplitude allow you to contribute to the company’s mission of helping companies unlock the power of their products? Can you share an example of a particularly impactful project you’ve worked on?

As principal product marketing manager, I collaborate with our go-to-market and product development teams on positioning, messaging, campaigns, and enablement. I create assets such as product demonstration videos, blog posts, whitepapers, and notebooks. I also document and share market trends with our team to inform our innovation as we constantly evolve our offerings. Our customers care about user acquisition, retention, and monetization, and my role enables me to bring forth content that helps inspire them on how to bring power to their products and how Amplitude can help their teams.

A group of people carrying an award winner in a throne

Amplitude’s incredible culture celebrates team success.

My favorite project I worked on was a robust proof of concept for a prospect evaluating our digital analytics platform. I spearheaded all technical steps—including initial product demonstrations, ingesting customer-provided datasets, post-trial, executive meetings, and more—to prove how Amplitude’s technology can adapt to their business needs. The prospect was so thrilled by our product capabilities and customer support model that they entered a multi-year contract with us. More than 60 Ampliteers worked on this project, and in the process, we also launched new features to market. Our incredible company culture was on full display as we celebrated the team’s success during company all hands. I’m excited to apply my sales experience, product knowledge, and industry exposure in my new product marketing role.

Amplitude’s cultural values of humility, ownership, and growth mindset are foundational to the company’s success. How do you embody these values in your work?

I enjoy creating content that showcases the value of Amplitude’s powerful platform and resonates with customers. If a colleague needs an asset for a marketing campaign or for use on a sales call, I want to take responsibility for owning the creation and delivery of it so we can secure a team win. I bring a mindset of “us versus the problem,” not “the problem dividing us” when collaborating on projects.

Amplitude offers a variety of benefits and perks to its employees. Which has made the biggest difference for you in your wellness and well-being?

I’m grateful for all our employee support programs, including excellent health and wellness benefits. The most profound one for me was Amplitude supporting my relocation from San Francisco to Vancouver. I was our first Canadian employee, and within two years, we’ve grown to 15+ employees here. We recently had a fun team excursion by taking a large dragon boat to Vancouver’s False Creek, where we raced other local boats.

A group of coworkers posing with paddles in front of their boat.

Dragon boating team excursion in Vancouver during Community Week of July 2023

What is the number one thing that enables you to do your best work at Amplitude?

My colleagues. I’m surrounded by incredible coworkers who are super talented and domain experts. I enjoy working in high-stakes, fast-moving environments. And I’ve been fortunate to make friends at work, so I enjoy the process as much as hitting each project completion milestone.

Four coworkers posing for a picture at an event

Representing Amplitude at a partner event

We know that music can be a powerful motivator. What song or artist do you turn to when you need an extra boost of energy to power through a tough project or challenge at work?

Dream On by Aerosmith: ♪ “Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream until your dreams come true.”

Intrigued by Darshil’s experience at Amplitude? Check out our careers site to learn more about #LifeAtAmplitude!

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Image of Blake Jackson
Blake Jackson
Manager, Global Talent Initiatives, Amplitude
Blake Jackson is the Manager of Global Talent Initiatives and Early-Career Programs at Amplitude. He is overseeing Amplitude’s employer branding, recruiting operations, talent sourcing, and university recruiting efforts. He is the Founder of the BLACC employee resource group and an Amplitude Star Wars trivia champion.

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