New Data Connections: Unify, Analyze, and Activate Your Customer Data

Announcing new data connections to break down data silos, enable self-service insights, simplify data migrations, and more.

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February 16, 2022
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Pragnya Paramita
Group Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
Amplitude Data connections

Businesses are increasingly relying on data and analytics to unlock actionable customer insights that fuel faster product innovation and drive growth. Unfortunately, many businesses leverage different sources of data and analytics, and they don’t always work well with each other. A lack of integration and interoperability means that managing the increasing velocity and variety of data generated in a business is a daunting challenge for many leaders.

Today we’re announcing new Data Connections to empower organizations to better unify, analyze, and act on customer data. These new integrations for customers include:

  • Self-serve integrations with leading data warehouse and cloud storage providers including Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift, and Snowflake.
  • Destinations to support common types of marketing campaigns including Hubspot, LaunchDarkly, OneSignal, Mailchimp,, and Klaviyo.
  • Adobe and Google integrations that simplify the data migration process to Amplitude, reducing time-to-implement from weeks to minutes.

With these new additions, Amplitude now offers 60+ technology integrations and 25+ audience sync integrations. We’ve also expanded our bidirectional integrations, now offering more than 10 connections that enable customers to enrich their behavioral data with resolved user identities that sync back to various cloud storage and data warehouses for operational analytics.

Amplitude Data Sources

Breaking down data silos

Both novice and expert analytics users alike need easy access to reliable data across their technology stack to paint a full picture of the customer journey. However, as organizations focus on building data-driven products and leverage multiple data services and storage solutions, data silos inevitably spring up. This creates data accessibility challenges for different types of users. Compounding this issue, creating a centralized data hub to unify customer data and build a single customer profile becomes very challenging.

Now all Amplitude customers can configure no-code integrations with the technologies that power their technology stack. We have made the user experience of configuring an experience as simple as possible so product, engineering, and marketing teams can shift their focus from the challenge of building and maintaining data pipelines, to focusing on the customers behind the data.

How customers make the most of integrations

Here are a few of the ways we see customers use data connections to enrich behavioral data to better unify, analyze, and act on that data.

Enabling self-service data

Turnkey integrations enable better self-serve analytics, helping unblock teams and unlock insights. For example, Amplitude customer Disney+ Hotstar was looking to provide frictionless access to data-driven insights across internal teams. The depth and breadth of Amplitude’s data connections were one of the key reasons they chose Amplitude over other analytics platforms. Disney+ Hotstar had built a custom pipeline in-house to collect and route data to their data warehouse and CRM. They chose to standardize and synchronize customer data across all three destinations using Amplitude’s out-of-the-box integrations. The result is a consolidated user profile that provides a single source of truth across their data stores and analytics tools. Team members don’t have to be data specialists to fashion complex technical queries, providing faster, actionable insights to more people. Today, the product and growth team at Disney+ Hotstar is able to keep a close watch on what viewers are watching, when they’re watching it, and where they go after they’ve watched it.

Marketing personalization

With just a few clicks, customers can say goodbye to generic email campaigns and say hello to a one-size-fits-all approach to personalization by connecting their marketing technology and growth stack to Amplitude. Customers can go from insights to action by using the data already in Amplitude to create target audiences and sync that data into Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Hubspot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Braze, and more.

Bidirectional integrations to power analytics

To give non-technical teams self-serve insights without complicated data engineering, nearly 600 customers are using Amplitude’s native bidirectional integrations into data warehouses and cloud storage services. Bidirectional integrations allow users to both send data to a destination and receive data from that same destination. Through bidirectional integrations, you can build round-trip data flows that make it easier to surface insights and apply them to decisions.

In addition to the recently launched Snowflake integration and Amazon S3 integration, now companies using Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage can also easily ingest, analyze, and take action on their event-based customer data with Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System.

Easier digital analytics migrations

With the convergence of Marketing and Product teams into the Digital Analytics function, many customers are facing challenges with existing digital analytics solutions:

  • Their digital analytics implementation isn’t answering the current business questions
  • There are multiple data sources that have to be combined to answer some of the simplest questions
  • End users are incapable of answering their own business questions, putting strain on the core analytics team
  • Data quality in the analytics implementation is not verified or trusted

Many of these teams are looking for a seamless way to adopt Amplitude. We have new integrations withGoogle Tag Manager and Adobe Launch that make it easier than ever to migrate from legacy digital analytics solutions. These new integrations will allow you to move to Amplitude without the fatigue of reimplementation or loss of historical data. You can experience the power of the Amplitude Analytics platform with an integrated governance and data quality suite within minutes, instead of weeks.

To recap, here’s a summary of how customers often leverage our no-code integrations.

Use Case Type Available Connections
Unify customer data with additional behavioral data for more robust analysis Data Ingestion Google Cloud Storage, Snowflake, S3
Get a detailed cross-platform view of all customer behavior Data Ingestion Adobe Launch Manager, Google Tag Manager
Seamlessly tag events, capture, and upload critical user context Data Ingestion Native SDKs – Javascript, iOS, Android, Node.js
Analyze the complete customer journey by including critical server-side actions like revenue, subscription renewal, or fulfillment Data Ingestion HTTP, Batch, and Identify APIs
Forward events and merged user IDs to your warehouse for operational analytics, while maintaining ownership and privacy of your data warehouse Data Export AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Snowflake, BigQuery, AWS Redshift
Deliver personalized experiences based on real-time data Audience Sync Braze, Iterable,, Intercom, Marketo, Leanplum
Build target audiences for email campaigns and increase engagement Audience Syncs Klaviyo, Iterable,, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Hubspot

The power of an open ecosystem

We continue to work to bring the power of an open ecosystem to Amplitude customers. These 60+ turnkey integrations were built by both Amplitude and partners to better integrate with Amplitude’s customers’ technology stack. Throughout 2022, we are accelerating the number of data connections customers will have access to. Customers will soon be able to configure event streaming destinations to SaaS platforms and data technologies, as well as access many partner-built, Amplitude-certified data connections.

Amplitude Data Destinations

To keep you up to date with these new connections, you’ll see a monthly in-app notification that will indicate the new connections launched each month.

In App Notifications

If you are a technology vendor interested in expanding the reach of your product through the Amplitude platform or already have an Amplitude connection that you would like to promote via our in-app notification, please apply to join our partner program to validate your integration.

Ready to unify customer behavior data to better understand the complete customer experience? Want to explore how touchpoints across communication channels affect revenue, engagement, retention, and churn? If you’re already an Amplitude customer, log in to your Amplitude instance to add a data source today for no additional charge, or contact your customer success manager. If you’re not yet a customer, explore how easy it is to derive insights with Amplitude, no matter where data lives, with this self-serve demo.

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Image of Pragnya Paramita
Pragnya Paramita
Group Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
Pragnya is a Group Product Marketing Manager at Amplitude. Here she leads the go-to-market efforts for data management products. A graduate of Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, she is passionate about working at the intersection of business and technology and when time allows, cooking up a storm with cuisines from all over the world.

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