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New Plus plan self-serve offering combines the best of Amplitude Analytics, CDP, and Experiment, starting at $49 per month

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October 17, 2023
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Spenser Skates
CEO and Co-founder
Amplitude Plus plan

Analytics pricing sucks.

First, it's hard to get set up easily. While the free plans in analytics can be generous, the jump to paid leaves people with sticker shock. Nobody wants to go from getting something for free to suddenly paying $50,000 a year. If you don't know how much you're going to pay, you are scared of getting started on anything at all in case you can't afford it later.

Second, the event model is broken. It's extremely difficult to know how many events you'll send, which makes understanding how much you'll pay impossible. You risk getting a massive surprise bill one month because you accidentally instrumented something incorrectly.

And every time you're instrumenting another event, you're thinking, "Is this worth it?" This leads you to ration the events you do track, undermining the whole purpose of analytics. When you don't instrument, you get less value from analytics and then end up wanting to track even less, which leads to less value and so on in a negative spiral.

Third, you have to pay for multiple products right off the bat to have a fully functioning data stack: CDP, analytics, experimentation, and session replay. In order to use the full capabilities of these products, you'll have to talk to a salesperson. Once you make it through that process, you have to repeat it for each product you want to set up. Many companies we see end up needing to use five or six different vendors to get their data stack fully set up. As a result, for many companies, the cost of their analytics infrastructure and applications is second only to that of their hosting services.

Even once you've set these products up, it's a pain to integrate data between all of them. You'll want to use your analytics to define target groups for experiments. You'll want the taxonomy management you've done in your analytics to be reflected in your CDP. You'll want to watch sessions of particular cohorts of users from your analytics. Sending data between all these systems and keeping them in sync is close to impossible. I don't think I've met a single company that feels they're "done" when it comes to the setup of their data stack.

Startup feedback

And Amplitude has been part of the problem! Customers have been asking me for years if we can introduce a cost-effective self-serve plan. After a lot of work over the last year, I am really excited to introduce a solution.

Starting today, we're announcing a new self-service plan called Plus, which offers the best of Amplitude for the best price on the market—starting at just $49 a month. We're the first company to launch a full data analytics platform: Analytics, CDP, Experimentation (and soon Session Replay) that's available via self-serve. And it's one part of our plan to make data cheaper and more scalable over time.

We first did this when we launched 10 million events for free back in 2015 (eight years ago!). We listened to so many analytics users who told us that limiting events was bad for analytics culture. We upended this by offering for free what our competitors were charging $1,000 a month for.

We believe the Plus plan will solve the data cost issue for startups, small businesses, and first-time enterprise users, too. Here’s how.

The Plus value

Building great digital products is hard. Teams need data they can trust, clear insights from that data, and the ability to act quickly to improve the customer experience.

If teams don’t trust the data, they won’t use it. If teams have access to insights but can’t act on them, they can’t drive change. And with the pace that the market is moving, failing to engage customers in a personalized way with meaningful experiences often means they’ll simply walk away.

That’s where Plus comes in.

Starting at just $49 per month, Plus includes our Analytics capabilities, powerful audience-management tools within our insights-driven CDP, and the feature-flagging and management tools previously only available in Experiment.

With Plus, teams can uncover powerful insights, quickly test the value of new features, and personalize the customer experience—all for one low price. Getting started with the Amplitude platform has never been easier. Just swipe a credit card and go.

Get started, fast

We’ve also simplified the onboarding process to make it easier for every team to get more value from Amplitude. This includes:

  • Taxonomy templates and event recommendations that make it easy to instrument data.
  • Industry-specific starter templates that quickly surface product insights and guide users to more complex questions.
  • Amplitude Academy’s flexible, self-paced learning and our Cohort community where industry peers share product and growth insights.

Building great products shouldn’t mean stitching together a mishmash of expensive and complex solutions. With Amplitude Plus, organizations can consolidate their technology investments by standardizing on one platform that easily scales as they do.

Amplitude Plus is the best product on the market for the lowest price. Get started today.

About the Author
Spenser is the CEO and Co-founder of Amplitude. He experienced the need for a better product analytics solution firsthand while developing Sonalight, a text-to-voice app. Out of that need, Spenser created Amplitude so that everyone can learn from user behavior to build better products.