Launching Portfolio: The First Command Center for Product Executives

Today, we’re excited to equip digital executives everywhere with these answers through the industry's first product command center - Amplitude Portfolio.

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April 25, 2018
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Launching Portfolio: The First Command Center for Product Executives

We work with thousands of product leaders at Amplitude and see their needs evolve as their company scales. Once a company goes from one product to many, we hear a common refrain: My data is siloed. My team can’t even tell exactly how many unique customers we have!

These leaders recognize that they are leaving value on the table by not understanding the complete relationship customers have with their suite of digital products.

Consider Expedia who owns over 15 different travel brands. Each brand – Ortbiz, Hotwire, and Homeaway to name a few – are distinct products, but do they all have distinct customers? Is there any overlap between them? How much overlap? Could Expedia be better optimizing experiences between these products? These are questions Chief Product Officers and Chief Digital Officers need to be able to answer.

Today, we’re excited to equip digital executives everywhere with these answers through the industry’s first product command center – Amplitude Portfolio. Portfolio gives you an omni-product view of customer metrics across your digital product suite and helps you rapidly make informed decisions to grow your business. It’s already used by some of our marquee customers like Square, Dailymotion, and Schibsted Media Group and is publicly available today as an add-on product to the Amplitude platform.

Break out of product silos with an omni-product view

Many product organizations handle customer experience on a product-by-product basis. While this helps new products find product-market fit, savvy leaders of multi-product organizations know that they need to understand the broader picture – the omni-product view. This means understanding the drivers and levers of engagement, retention, and conversion for an entire suite of products.

Marketing organizations have been managing a similar transformation with the shift to omni-channel. Simply put, omni-channel is about the transition from channel-focus to customer-focus. Our friends at Hubspot highlight seven companies who are leading the way in omni-channel customer experiences. For us product people, omni-product is about broadening our engagement strategy to look beyond individual products and focus on the portfolio as a whole.

* Daily Active Users — See active user totals for all products in a single view *


Understand customers’ engagement with your suite of digital products with Portfolio

Portfolio was built to help leadership see the big picture across products. With Portfolio, we’re helping product leaders to:

  • Get a single click executive view on a company’s product health. Organizations can standardize metrics and benchmark KPIs between multiple products.
  • Optimize customers’ experience across a product portfolio. Companies can identify and build omni-product experiences that drive incremental growth and revenue.
  • Understand how users retain and engage across applications. Product teams can visualize customers’ omni-product paths and track impact of features that span multiple products.

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* Retention Analysis — See that users of multiple products retain better than users of only one product *


See how changes in one product impact behavior in other products

To understand the value of omni-product analytics, like those available through Portfolio, look no further than the launch of Instagram Stories. Stories was a radical new feature for Instagram and was sure to change the way users interacted with the product. But Instagram does not exist in a vacuum, many of its users also use Facebook.

So, what was the effect of Stories’ launch on Facebook’s newsfeed? Was it positive? Was it negative? If it was negative, how negative was it? These are important questions a Chief Product Officer, like Chris Cox, should be able to answer and know prior to a major launch.

Without omni-product analytics, it’s simply not possible to answer these questions in an efficient way. However, once you do have these answers, making big bets like Stories, become less of a bet and more of a calculated path to improve overall customer experience.

Dailymotion uses Portfolio to give executives cross-application insights

Portfolio also helps platform businesses like Dailymotion – a global video-sharing platform based in Paris – to understand behavior across its applications. With over 300 million users and 3.5 billion video views a month, Dailymotion’s product leadership pays close attention to metrics for its various apps. In the past, cross-application analytics has required significant analyst time to write complex SQL. With Portfolio, these analyses are available in real-time for the entire company to leverage. That means leaders and teams can respond quickly and stay focused on enhancing the experience for users.

“Amplitude’s Portfolio has enabled us to very quickly compare retention for each platform – simplifying what was once a painful process to a single live dashboard,” said Rachel Wignall, Product Lead at Dailymotion. “This is more insightful and digestible for our management team, helping us focus on work that matters.”

Build and optimize omni-product experiences

Omni-product analytics are at their best when used to expose and optimize cross-selling opportunities within a product portfolio. Consider the opportunity for Nordstrom and its sister brand Hautelook. Nordstrom purchased Hautelook to engage price-sensitive customers. Using cross-product analytics, Nordstrom can identify which cohorts of Hautelook customers are also engaging with Nordstrom’s more expensive flagship brand. It can then start to optimize experiences that are more likely to drive these customers to purchase on and thus increase Nordstrom’s overall share of wallet.

Product leaders are operating blind without omni-product analytics. If they can’t see how changes in one product affect another, they are leaving money on the table. Not optimizing across their suite of products is a massive missed opportunity.

We built Portfolio to respond to a need from product leaders to have insights into their customers’ complete relationship with their suite of digital products, in real-time. We’re excited to show you how Amplitude Portfolio can help you improve customer experience and engagement across all of your products to grow your business faster.

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About the Author
Spenser is the CEO and Co-founder of Amplitude. He experienced the need for a better product analytics solution firsthand while developing Sonalight, a text-to-voice app. Out of that need, Spenser created Amplitude so that everyone can learn from user behavior to build better products.
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