Making the Most of Amplitude With Premium Success

The Premium Success Package helps large orgs optimize their Amplitude investment with proactive, personalized expertise.

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October 12, 2022
Image of Jenna Elliott
Jenna Elliott
Head of Global Professional Services, Amplitude
Making the Most of Amplitude With Premium Success

For large organizations, digital analytics is a high-stakes investment to ensure product, growth, and data teams have self-service insights to understand exactly how people get value out of their products. And yet, even after a successful digital analytics implementation, teams might need additional assistance growing adoption, managing data quality, or recovering from past struggles with legacy analytics vendors. It’s sometimes not enough to pick the best solution–large organizations need to have the best solution plus the right trusted partnership to make sure their digital analytics efforts don’t fail.

Today we’re announcing the Premium Success Package to help large enterprises optimize their Amplitude investment with proactive, personalized expertise.

Whether you’re launching Amplitude in your organization for the first time or optimizing a mature analytics program, Premium Success fills in the gap between your in-house resources and the expert partnership you need to drive adoption, accelerate insights, and discover new opportunities to unlock growth through your digital products.

What’s included in Premium Success

With this new success and services subscription, you get access to three main areas of service, all tailored to your organization’s needs.

  • Expert services: Ongoing partnership with a designated Customer Success Architect (CSA) who works with you on a roadmap to increase ROI, drive business efficiency, and expand your use cases through new data, sources or destinations.
  • Hands-on training: Instructor-led training, tailored to your organization, data, and use cases to scale data insights and boost adoption. Includes foundational training for new hires or new teams, train-the-trainer, and custom training for complex use cases.
  • Priority support: Faster response times for mission-critical issues, plus convenient live chat from a dedicated support team, to minimize business disruption and mitigate risk.
A chart showing the services included in Amplitude Premium Success

Delivered by our stellar Customer team

Although Premium Success is new, the team behind it is not. The Customer Success team—including Customer Success Management, Professional Services, Education, and Technical Support— has successfully implemented, supported, and advised thousands of customers, based on an established framework to deliver time to value. We’re proud to be part of why Amplitude is ranked #1 in Enterprise Product Analytics in the G2 Fall 2022 Report. As one product leader at an online payment service provider said, “The Amplitude Professional Services team are masters at their craft. Working with large organizations can be challenging and time consuming. They were all fantastic!”

Find out if Premium Success can help your company

Customers on our Enterprise platform plan are able to add on the Premium Success Package to help accelerate and enhance their digital analytics journey. Get in touch to learn more about Premium Success.

Looking to ensure success for your digital analytics practice with Premium Success? Request a consultation with an Amplitude expert.

About the Author
Image of Jenna Elliott
Jenna Elliott
Head of Global Professional Services, Amplitude
is Head of Professional Services at Amplitude, where she ensures that customers are successfully implemented and drive business outcomes. She previously built Professional Services organizations at Narvar and Castlight Health.