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June 27, 2023
Image of Nikhil Gangaraju
Nikhil Gangaraju
Director, Product Marketing, Amplitude
All New Amplitude

At Amplitude, our mission is to help every company unlock powerful customer insights to build better products that drive growth. Product analytics has increasingly become a critical part of every company's digital strategy. These companies are making big bets every day to accelerate growth and adoption, as well as retention and monetization. This means more types of users—product, design, engineering, marketing, and growth—all leveraging product data to do their jobs.

As our users have evolved, so have our expectations on what's required to help customers truly self-serve with best-in-class digital analytics. This year, we’ve completely re-imagined the product experience with a host of new product and user experience (UX) updates that help guide our customers to faster outcomes.

To accomplish this, we have focused on 3 key areas. First, we are making it easier and faster to onboard and discover metrics you care about. Second, we have dramatically shortened the learning curve for product analysis with new updates. Finally, we’ve invested in new scalable ways for your teams to learn and collaborate with confidence in your data.

Easily onboard and discover metrics that matter

We’re reimagining the homepage experience to help you unlock insights faster. Your new homepage acts as a destination for you to browse and explore useful information. You’ll see automated reports from instrumented data that provide immediate value and inspire curiosity to dive deeper into your product analytics. Access to helpful resources like help docs, education resources, and community updates is just a click away.

New Amplitude Homepage

Get going faster with our brand-new homepage.

For new users, the best way to get started is by selecting a template relevant to your use case or industry. We’re excited to introduce new industry-focused starter templates such as ecommerce, fintech, gaming, SaaS, healthcare, and more. Starter templates make it simple for anyone to get quick insights into your product and guide you to more complex questions faster. These templates use very few events to surface best practice industry metrics so you can understand users as the best companies do today. Our new ecommerce template is the first of many industry-focused templates we’re rolling out, and we’re excited to hear your feedback!

Template Gallery

Surface metrics relevant to your industry.

Turn your questions into insights faster

Technical or non-technical team members new to Amplitude might want to start with a simple question to begin exploring. Our new analysis experience powered by conversational AI dramatically shortens the learning curve for anyone. Simply start by typing “How many active users per day?” or “How many users are new versus returning?” into the analysis search bar and generate suggested analyses that help you analyze, explore, and learn. We’re excited to see how this upcoming update ( currently in closed beta ) will accelerate insights and continuous learning in Amplitude.

AI Assisted Chart Analysis

Supercharge insight generation with conversational AI.

Creating and manipulating charts plays a huge role in product analytics. Over the past few years, we’ve learned a lot about how teams think about data and how they answer their own questions. With our new guided, top-down experience, you can see how your changes impact your charts in real-time. This immediate feedback fosters an environment of experimentation so you can iterate on your charts with confidence. You no longer need to worry about making a mistake or taking a wrong turn—our new chart controls are here to guide you every step of the way.

New Chart Controls

Go further in your analysis with a simplified chart experience.

There is your ideal customer journey, and then there’s the one your customers actually take. Most analytics tools offer a siloed view of how customers navigate your product. With our journey analysis update, you can now quickly see where your users go after they sign up, what steps they take to get to your “aha” moment, what are the most efficient conversion paths, and what's causing friction along their journey. Journey analysis simplifies uncovering insights, identifying trends, and understanding the factors that influence customer behavior.

Journey Analysis

Explore in-depth journeys in a single view.

Learn and collaborate with confidence

Amplitude lets you create reusable, governable metrics (e.g., ROAS, ARPU) that can be defined once and reused across reports. By using intelligent monitoring, Amplitude determines if similar, already-existing metrics can be used to avoid metric duplication. With object management, Admins can quickly designate metrics, custom events, segments, and cohorts as "official" so users will know which objects are safe to use. Shared metrics across our platform let you seamlessly analyze experiments and measure the business impact of your campaigns. Object management is available today for customers on our enterprise plan.

Object Management

Standardize reporting with shared metrics.

Trusted data into customer behavior unlocks better insights for your teams. By providing access to Amplitude product insights directly from your data warehouse, We’re now making it easier and more cost-effective for data teams to manage data and for product teams to use these insights confidently. Plus, because no data ever leaves your warehouse, teams can leverage existing security and privacy policies to keep this data secure and compliant.

Snowflake-native Amplitude

Access trusted data from your warehouse.

Empower your teams to harness the power of product data

By helping you onboard faster, discover and explore new insights, all with more confidence and trust in your data, we’re making it easier than ever to get started with Amplitude. Our ability to empower everyone—from startup founders to larger enterprise teams—to unlock powerful customer insights is a major reason companies large and small choose to partner with Amplitude.

Amplitude is incredibly easy to get started. It has a next-to-zero learning curve for most people, which is especially meaningful for lean teams like mine. The self-service nature of Analytics breaks the mold of traditional product analytics tools and allows us to answer our questions and collaborate more effectively.

Jeff Barrett, Group Product Manager, Spirit Airlines

My favorite thing about Amplitude is the ability to be both collaborative and inclusive. I've been able to pull in our marketing, UX, design, developers — and even senior stakeholders to get their hands dirty, use Amplitude and share insights quickly.

Steve Black, Former Product Lead, Nautilus

I love how easy it is to get different people from different departments to use Amplitude. I've found that if I send someone a chart, they'll start poking around and discovering things themselves. Amplitude provides access to data for people who might not be able to query it themselves. Amplitude makes my life easier by giving me almost immediate access to product analytics that I need to be able to make the right decisions for our customers decision making

Emma MacDonald, Senior Product Manager, SimpliSafe

Product data is helping teams like Spirit Airlines, Nautilus, and Simplisafe unlock valuable customer insights. It’s the key to driving better engagement and building customers for life. And now Amplitude is making it easier than ever to get started, discover powerful insights, and share these insights with confidence across your organization.

These new updates will be rolling out to customers this week. So stay tuned.

And there is more…..

We’re also excited to announce our new AI design partner program. So, if you are an Amplitude customer and are interested in getting early access to new AI features and tools we’re building, be sure to sign up!

Visit our product page to learn how Amplitude Analytics can help you unlock the power of your products.

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Image of Nikhil Gangaraju
Nikhil Gangaraju
Director, Product Marketing, Amplitude
Nikhil is a product marketer at Amplitude focusing on Amplitude Analytics and works with teams to advance our mission to help companies build better products.

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