Making Customer 360 a Reality with Amplitude and Snowflake

Profile Connect empowers customers to perform real-time user journey analysis in Amplitude combined with their existing Snowflake data.

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November 14, 2022
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Christopher Selden
Principal Product Manager, Data Connections, Amplitude
Amplitude + Snowflake

This blog was co-authored by Hiral Shah, director of product management, Amplitude.

Organizations today have mountains of data. Yet, many do not know what to do with it — or where to even begin. Data leaders deeply understand the value of bringing data together. They don’t want silos. They want actionable data they can trust. They need a single source of truth.

Today, Amplitude and Snowflake are making this easier with the launch of Profile Connect. For the first time, companies can perform real-time, interactive user journey analysis in Amplitude combined with their existing Snowflake customer data. This empowers organizations to build comprehensive, portable customer profiles and segmented audiences based on user profiles from Snowflake.

So, what does this look like?

With Profile Connect, organizations can gather data from various channels and touchpoints, resolve user identities to a unique user profile within Amplitude, and then send enriched customer profiles back to Snowflake. Profile Connect ensures that behavioral analysis will always be based on Snowflake data as the single source of truth. And it is available to everyone in minutes.

With the ability to share these profiles across Snowflake and Amplitude, data teams can segment audiences for large-scale personalization and experimentation. And they gain this functionality without the added cost and complexities of maintaining a separate customer data platform (CDP).

Once teams create enriched customer profiles, they can leverage them across the organization by:

  • Empowering non-technical users to run their own analyses without causing data drift
  • Supporting data science and analyst teams in their most strategic efforts
  • Driving action in downstream marketing and customer engagement platforms

Eliminating data drift + analyst bottlenecks

With enriched customer profiles, product and marketing teams can answer important questions like:

  • How do different behavioral segments react differently to different product features?
  • Which customers are best suited for us to cross-sell more products to?
  • How is our marketing campaign performing with our most valuable prospects?

Because of the seamless connection between Amplitude and Snowflake, the data stays consistent, preventing data drift or duplication.

Learn how to bring Snowflake data into Amplitude.

Even better, it can happen without filing new tickets for the analyst team. With Amplitude’s self-service capabilities, product and marketing teams can analyze product and transactional business data across these customer profiles themselves. This means less time waiting on data analysis and more time for exploration and insight. And, because they’re drawing on the full power of the Snowflake data cloud, they’re able to access much richer data sets to answer questions, making it faster to get the right insights. Projects that used to take weeks can happen in milliseconds.

Block (formerly Square) uses Amplitude as a self-serve solution for analyzing and segmenting behavioral data so that employees without a SQL background could understand user engagement and execute messaging across Block’s products. However, one of the challenges has been making Block’s product data from Snowflake available for use in Amplitude. Block uses Amplitude’s integration with Snowflake to ingest millions of data points from Snowflake into Amplitude every day. Instead of spending time on data infrastructure or processing, teams can easily leverage data from Block’s existing infrastructure. This reduces the time-to-insight and democratizes data across Block’s organization so they can focus on building extraordinary products for their customers.

Enabling self-service for non-technical users creates a pressure relief valve for data science and analyst teams. Now, they can focus on the most critical and complex analyses. They have more time to focus on the work that demands their expertise and skills.

To give Snowflake customers the same flexibility that they are used to, Amplitude also supports Snowflake for Collaboration. This means Amplitude customers can make enriched product data live and ready-to-query across clouds and regions with on-demand fulfillment and no ETL.

Learn how to bring Amplitude data into Snowflake.

Driving action downstream

Historically, resolving identities and stitching together profiles has meant moving valuable data across multiple potential fail points and battling data inconsistency across platforms. No longer. Amplitude federates data from Snowflake downstream into other business applications to make that data actionable. Teams can activate data in tools like customer engagement platforms, marketing automation platforms, email service providers, and more based on data from your enriched customer profiles.

This unlocks new potential from your data—making it much easier to bridge the gap between what you know about someone and how you engage them. The result is a much more personalized and targeted method to engage with prospects and customers.

Companies should be able to tap into the full power of data. Profile Connect is just one example of how we’re working with Snowflake to create data you can trust, and insights you can use.

We have over 350 joint customers today on this journey. But there is so much more to share about what we are building together. Learn more today.

About the Author
Image of Christopher Selden
Christopher Selden
Principal Product Manager, Data Connections, Amplitude
Christopher Selden is a principal product manager at Amplitude, driving development for data products such as Amplitude's data warehouse and cloud storage products, as well as their integration infrastructure. He previously worked as a product manager focusing on data management and new products at Samsung and Criteo.