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Learn why independent reviewers at G2 rank Amplitude #22 among all software, #1 in product analytics, and one of the all-around best products for marketers.

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March 17, 2021
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John Hurley
VP of Product Marketing
G2 Names Amplitude #22 Best Software Product and #1 in Product Analytics

G2–the top independent software review site–recently released their rankings of top software products for 2021, informed by thousands of customer reviews. Across multiple categories, Amplitude was listed as a top choice for digital business, including a top choice for marketers and the #1 product analytics solution overall.

How G2 Ranks Amplitude:

  • Best Software Products: #22
  • Product Analytics: #1
  • Mobile App Analytics: #2
  • Digital Analytics: #4
  • Best Products for Marketers: #34
  • Highest Satisfaction Products: #45

Of course, we owe these accolades to the thousands of customers who have made the leap to a new way of digital measurement with Amplitude, and who have gone out of their way to share their love for Amplitude on G2. Thank you to all our customers—large and small, new and old—who have joined us on the journey as we’ve grown and scaled to become the top analytics solution across the digital organization.

For our team, what’s particularly notable about these rankings is that Amplitude was selected by multiple departments to help them understand their customers and what drives impact across various types of digital products. There are reviews from marketers, analysts, product managers, designers, engineers, data scientists, researchers and executives from companies with products that span ecommerce sites, mobile apps, smart devices, enterprise software—even connected cars and toothbrushes.

It’s no coincidence. All teams that touch the digital experience need access to unified insights and shared metrics across the customer journey. As companies lean into the digital-first mindset, more and more teams are leveraging product analytics like Amplitude to understand customer behavior holistically and how customers actions impact important outcomes. It’s become a place where teams can confidently explore data as they formulate hypotheses and find the unasked, unanswered questions. It’s a new breed of analytics that brings teams together—both because of its ease of use but also the literal collaboration that is a centerpiece of the user experience.

After all, digital insights do not belong to one team. When multiple teams have access to a solution like Amplitude—built from the ground up for digital business—they have the common visibility to make better decisions and take faster action.

We’re thrilled to bring value to thousands of teams that touch the digital experience. But what truly excites us about these customer reviews and G2 rankings is what it reveals about the larger shift happening inside digital business today.

Understand the Entire Digital Journey from Many Vantage Points

We’re living in a time when digital activity has taken off and raised the bar for customer experience. In 2020, we saw years of digital acceleration condensed into weeks. As recent data from Amplitude shows, daily active usage of apps and websites has skyrocketed across industries. And according to a Harvard Business Review report, 92 percent of global executives agree that “Now is a unique opportunity to capitalize on digital acceleration.” Another 81 percent note that customers’ expectations for great digital experiences have never been higher.

With these new behaviors and expectations, the imperative is clear: Businesses must rise to the occasion and build end-to-end digital experiences that delight and engage throughout the customer journey.

However, the customer journey does not start and end with one team, and therefore it should not be owned by one team either. To truly adapt and meet customers’ elevated expectations, all digital teams must work together to share insights, explore data, and paint the full picture of customer behavior—going beyond vanity metrics like page views and clicks—to truly understand why customers get value from the digital product. In order to adapt, multiple teams must converge around the end-to-end digital experience.

The way to do this is with self-service product analytics. Here’s how the team at Harvard Business Review describes it:

“Product analytics solutions capture the behaviors of customers, from mobile apps to websites to connected devices. These tools create data-informed insights into what customers like (and don’t like), and how they may behave in the future—giving digital builders and leaders an edge when optimizing current products or building new ones.”

The reality is that the customer journey is messy. A customer can take almost infinite paths and each team has questions and priorities that they’re optimizing for.

Marketers may be trying to analyze how one group of users that came in from paid ad channels flow through an onboarding experience and how that compares to users from various organic or referral sources. They might be looking beyond optimizing the acquisition and activation funnels into how those groups retain and who ends up subscribing, buying multiple times, or engaging on a daily basis.

At the same time, a product manager and engineer may be looking at the same onboarding experience and asking an entirely different set of questions, like how their test of two sign-up experiences is performing or what the adoption and impact of a new single sign-on feature is. The magic happens when these groups start working together—sharing learnings, building toward common goals, and creating a consistent customer experience.

Results Are In: Product and Marketing Work in Tandem

Companies that set the bar for great experiences and fast innovation collaborate around a shared understanding of customers. They not only plan their strategies to bring about customer and business value, but they also empower their teams with the data they need to explore ideas, make decisions, and measure impact. They unify multiple digital teams around a shared vision of customer outcomes.

Take Postmates, a great example of product and marketing working together around shared goals and measurement. Their teams were looking to develop the right kind of triggers to help users repeatedly see the value of their platform, while also maintaining an impeccable customer experience—a goal marketers, product managers, and customer service can all get behind. By collaborating together within one analytics solution that’s connected to their stack, these teams can identify great opportunities and see what drives impact.

“You can make small incremental changes in messaging but the more transformative result comes from better understanding your customer experience, and augmenting your product and marketing to work together, as opposed to doing both of those independently,” said Andrew Touchstone, Director of Growth Marketing at Postmates. With Amplitude, “we were able to bring marketing and product a lot closer together.”

Stories like this are why we see Amplitude rise in the rankings of best products across multiple teams and categories. By democratizing access to customer insights through Amplitude, digital teams across the spectrum can gain a fuller understanding of the customer journey, move fast to take action, and build the experiences that win long-term customer loyalty.

Digital Insights Do Not Belong to One Team

The digital-first era is here, and with it comes fundamental changes to how digital experience owners work together.

The G2 rankings—listing Amplitude not only as the #1 choice for product analytics, but also a best product for marketers and the #22 best software product overall—make it clear that digital insights do not belong to one team. All teams that touch the digital landscape need access to self-service analytics about customer behavior. They need a unified system to see, predict, and adapt digital experiences that create extraordinary value for their customers and business.

For those digital experience owners—and for hundreds of independent reviewers on G2—Amplitude is the central hub for exploring, understanding, and deciding on the digital experience. Amplitude is where digital-first teams go to create customer lifetime value.

Here at Amplitude, we’re committed to continuously driving value for all our customers, and ensuring that Amplitude helps you reach your goals across all functions of the digital business. To learn more, read about how companies are using Amplitude to lean into the digital-first era, and schedule a call with our team today.

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Image of John Hurley
John Hurley
VP of Product Marketing
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