What is real-time analytics and why does it matter?

Real-time analytics is analytics that gives you the capacity to access your data with near-zero latency between data ingestion and processing. Real-time data processing involves continual input, processing, and output of data so organizations can access their data, derive insights, and act immediately.

Why is it important? Speed is the single most significant differentiator between a good product and a great one. Real-time analytics tools enable fast product iteration. By reducing time to insight and allowing your organization to come to critical product decisions quicker, you’re on your way to a better product ahead of the competition.

Real-time mobile and web analytics is essential to building a user-focused product

When you’re building a user-centric product, you want to make your users understand the value of your product and continue to use it through every iteration. Each new feature release or optimization should ultimately enhance the core product experience. Measuring the success of a new feature often involves looking at how your users behave immediately after its release. With Amplitude’s real-time dashboards, you can view, analyze, and begin to understand your user behavior without delay.

Life360’s product roadmap depends on real-time analytics reporting

With their internal analytics stack, the team at Life360 used to wait up to a whole day for some of the data they wanted to look at. That was a problem, because they wanted to be able to release features and look at the data right away — minutes, sometimes seconds after some changes are implemented. Now, Life360 uses Amplitude’s real-time dashboard to monitor all the data they are tracking.

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Amplitude’s real-time analytics platform gets you to data insights faster

Amplitude’s real-time dashboards capability, supported by its uniquely scalable backend architecture, adds to the platform’s overall data accessibility. When you have to wait for the data you need to analyze, you are blocked from accessing it, and therefore blocked from making progress and discovering insights.

With Amplitude, you don’t have to wait for days to get the data you want; you have access to exactly what your users are doing right now. You can see this data in your dashboard within seconds after the user performs an action. You constantly have all the data you need to answer your analytics questions right away and discover valuable insights in just a few minutes, right at your fingertips. This ultimately means you can make product decisions quickly and iterate on your product faster than your competitors.

More benefits of real-time analytics

See what your users are doing now

Monitor your metrics in real-time and see how your campaigns are performing.

Find out how your users adopt new features

See how users engage with or adopt new product features as soon as you release.

Run a small experiment and get results quickly

Maybe you want to test something small — the color and placement of a button or copy for example — and see how it affects conversion for just a few hours. With real-time analysis, you could run several such experiments in parallel, evaluate the results, and get a good sense of what’s working and what’s not, right when you want to.

Check if you’ve setup your analytics right

With Amplitude’s real-time user view, you can debug in real-time and see if you’ve instrumented your events and properties correctly.