The analytics space has no shortage of players. And yet, people are still not getting what they need from their analytics tools of choice. There are so few truly robust and effective analytics solutions out there that people have come to expect something second-rate. It’s time to stop settling. You deserve better analytics. And your customers deserve a better product.

You deserve better analytics

You need your analytics to be scalable. As your product grows and as your user base grows, your analytics platform should keep up with your increasing event volume. Your analytics platform should be built on the kind of engineering stack that will let you scale to billions of events per month, while still maintaining lightning fast query speed. You shouldn’t be punished for your company’s growth by having to pay exorbitant prices to analytics providers that can’t scale their prices reasonably with your event volume. Your analytics should give you the depth you need to look at your data without sampling. [Tweet “You deserve better #analytics. And your customers deserve a better #product.”] You need your analytics to be [accessible]( to everyone in the company. Both casual users and power users alike should be able to get insights into their data quickly. You shouldn’t have to know SQL or go through a data scientist to get the value you deserve out of your data. Being able to access the data you want, when you want it, greatly reduces your time to insight. This means you can iterate on your product faster; at the same time, your data science team isn’t backlogged with janitor work. [Tweet “Your #analytics should give you the depth you need to look at your data without sampling.”]

Your customers deserve a better product

Your customers trust you by using your product. They deserve to be wowed. Your customers need to see product value; your analytics should show you if they are. Your analytics should show you how certain [cohorts](/2015/11/24/cohorts-to-improve-your-retention/) or segments of users interact with your product and why some end up loving it, while others do not. You should be able to investigate the behaviors of your superusers and figure out how to deliver that experience to your whole user base. Your analytics should give you deep insight into user behavior. It’s not longer just about knowing what your users are doing in your app, it’s about knowing why. It’s about really getting inside your users’ heads. Only then can can you build a product that gets users to their ‘a-ha’ moment quickly. Your app then becomes an integral part of their life. Your customers deserve a unified user experience across web, mobile, and native app. If they can’t seamlessly interact with your app across all of their devices, you lose them. You need to understand how to build a core, cross-platform product experience. You need to figure out how users are behaving on each platform, whether some platforms convert better than others, and why. That’s why you need analytics that tracks [user behavior across multiple platforms and devices](

Don’t settle

As you look into analytics tools for your business, be sure you’re getting one that you deserve. Don’t settle. A great analytics product scales with data volume, users, and pricing. Through better data accessibility, a great analytics product allows your whole company to be data-informed. A great analytics product lets you understand how users are behaving across platforms and devices; and it allows everyone in the company derive insights that inform a more valuable product for your users. A great analytics tool lets you deliver the best possible product to your users. [Tweet “A great #analytics tool lets you deliver the best possible product to your users.”] Your analytics vendor should deliver a solution that enables you to focus on your product and your customers, without creating more work. So don’t settle for substandard analytics tools. You deserve better.