Q2 Product Release Highlights—Self-Service Product Analytics for Your Team

See how our latest capabilities allow your teams to get faster, self-service insights by unlocking data from your warehouse, and more.

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July 28, 2023
Image of Nikhil Gangaraju
Nikhil Gangaraju
Director, Product Marketing, Amplitude
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Category leaders use Amplitude to help build better products. It’s the only platform that guides you to clearer insights, trusted data, and faster action.

Last quarter, we released features that bring the power of self-service product analytics to every team, unlock insights from your warehouse, and more.

We’re bringing push-button simplicity to product analytics, empowering everyone to unlock powerful customer insights.

Amplitude helps you understand what’s driving customer behavior with clear insights that help you better engage, convert, and retain customers. We guide you to ask better questions, answer them in the moment, and confidently choose where to invest.

Last quarter’s updates make it easier than ever for every team in your organization to get self-service product insights. New features include: a new homepage experience, industry templates, natural language-based analysis powered by AI, new ways to visualize user journeys, and more.

Easily browse automated insights on your homepage

Amplitude homepage on gray background

The updated homepage helps both new and experienced users on your team quickly discover and understand product insights–without relying on help from data partners.

When signed in, they’ll see automated insights that provide immediate value and inspire curiosity to dive deeper into your product analytics. Access to helpful resources like documentation, education, and insights into successfully instrumenting data are all just a click away.

Surface metrics relevant to your business with industry templates

Amplitude template gallery on gray background

For new users, the best way to get started is by selecting a template relevant to your use case or industry. We’re excited to introduce new industry-focused starter templates, such as ecommerce, with more coming soon, including fintech, gaming, SaaS, healthcare, and more.

Starter templates make it simple for your teams to get quick insights into your product and guide you to more complex questions faster. These templates use very few events to surface best practice industry metrics so you can understand users as the best companies do today.

Supercharge insight generation with Generative AI

Amplitude funnel charts using AI Assist

Technical or non-technical, team members new to Amplitude may need guidance on how to answer their business questions in the platform. We’ve shortened the learning curve.

Simply typing “How many active users per day?” or “How many users are new versus returning?” into the analysis search bar generates suggested analyses that help you analyze, explore, and learn. We speed time to insights with continuous learning powered by Generative AI.

Note: This feature is currently in closed beta. Sign up here for the waitlist.

Get to know your customer better with new journey analysis

Visual breakdown of the customer journey in Amplitude

There is your ideal customer journey, and then there’s the one your customers actually take. Most analytics tools offer a limited view of how customers navigate your product.

We’ve updated journey analysis to offer complete visibility into the customer journey without you having to do any heavy lifting. An improved user experience for Pathfinder, Journeys and top user paths helps you visualize how customers move through your product relative to your ideal journey. Go from the macro to the micro to explore the “why” behind the journey at each stage of analysis. Users can also create static cohorts from the microscope using any data point from the 3 chart types.

Get trusted data into the hands of more teams

Amplitude helps you collect the right data and integrate it with your existing stack. Our ability to help teams transform chaotic data sets into trusted information is a major reason category-leading companies choose to partner with us.

Improvements to governance and integrations make it easier than ever to put quality data into the hands of more teams across your organization.

Integrate and activate more data across your organization

Snowflake connection in Amplitude

Our new Snowflake-native Amplitude solution gives you seamless access to your Snowflake warehouse so you can query your warehouse data directly and easily access trusted insights. Stay tuned for support for more warehouses in the future.

And for those that don’t use Snowflake or aren’t ready for our warehouse-native approach, we’ve streamlined data onboarding and activation by adding dozens of new integrations, including support for BigQuery (now in general availability) and Databricks (now in private preview), to our list of 100+ pre-built connections. Set up new sources and destinations in minutes to help activate data faster.

Note: Our Snowflake-native Amplitude is currently in closed beta. Sign up here for the waitlist.

Make trusted data readily accessible

Take advantage of Amplitude’s trusted data foundation for self-service insights and management.

Rally your team around accurate, quality data that’s easily accessible by all. Use out-of-the-box insights and collaborative workflows to promote trust and transparency across your organization.

Data suggestions in Amplitude

And with our new AI-assisted governance capabilities, you get intelligent recommendations and automation that make maintaining and improving data quality easier for everyone in your organization.

Quantify the impact of every feature your team ships

Amplitude lets you scale experimentation by uniting product, data, and engineering teams to deliver personalized experiences and improve customer experiences. Now you can uncover insights, identify cohorts, build targeted experiments and get going—all from one platform.

New features from the past quarter help product teams and developers quantify their impact and get started faster.

A seamless experience for developers

Feature Flag Configuration in Amplitude

Developers now have a seamless UX for feature flag configuration. This purpose-built user experience makes it easier for developers to ship releases quickly and safely.

  • Create and launch feature flags safely, seamlessly
  • Target releases in a purpose-built UX for developers
  • Easily analyze the impact of each release to quantify your impact

Start experiments faster with Experiment Templates

Experiment template creation in Amplitude

Experiment templates eliminate the need to restart every test from scratch. Keep teams consistent by building standard framework for decision-making on every team’s behalf. Standardize targeting, evaluation, experiment type, bucketing unit, and more. Upskill less experienced team members to set up new tests correctly to scale experimentation faster.

Build better roadmaps with clear understanding of each test’s duration

Duration estimator feature in Amplitude

With our new Duration Calculator, teams can now quickly and understand how long a test will take to reach statistical significance based on the metric, traffic, and MDE of the experiment. This helps teams build more accurate roadmaps and understand what tests are worth running. 

Get on the product growth fast track

Check out the resources below to learn more about these new features:

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Image of Nikhil Gangaraju
Nikhil Gangaraju
Director, Product Marketing, Amplitude
Nikhil is a product marketer at Amplitude focusing on Amplitude Analytics and works with teams to advance our mission to help companies build better products.