The Amplitude AI x Product Hackathon

Relive memories and catch up on what happened during the Amplitude AI x Product Hackathon.

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July 11, 2023
Image of Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang
Co-founder & Chief Architect
AI Hackathon at Amplitude SF Logo

Two months ago, we announced our Month of AI, kicking off a joint initiative with the Amplitude community and customers to bring together AI and Product. We’ve been blown away by how much interest there is. On June 3-4, over 150 developers, designers, and product people filled the halls of the Amplitude San Francisco office for our AI x Product hackathon – a weekend of creativity, code, and collaboration. (And great food!)

Hackathon In Numbers

A snapshot of attendees and projects

AI enthusiasts from all over the world attended the hackathon to create a glimpse of what the future might look like. They were met by our amazing sponsors – AWS, New Relic, LanceDB, and – who provided their products, on-site support, and fabulous prizes.

AI x Product Hackathon Sponsors

Proud sponsors of the AI x Product Hackathon in June 2023 - New Relic, LanceDB, AWS, Fennel, and Amplitude

We even had the honor of hosting Alessio Fanelli and Swyx, as they recorded a live episode of Latent Space with our very own Jeffrey Wang, Chief Architect, and Joe Reeve, Engineering Manager. More on Reinforcement Learning from Human Behavior (RLHB) to come in the future!

But this was, after all, a competition, and there were prizes to be won.

Meet the five winning teams of the AI x Product Hackathon:

Palate - Personal podcast creator.

Take an article (or transcribed podcast), summarize it to the right length, and synthesize it into a podcast with a custom voice.



AI-Powered 1:1 Agenda - Guide for 1:1 meetings.

Use AI to suggest topics, help craft feedback, and provide high-level summaries to make your 1:1’s more productive.

1:1 Agenda

AI-Powered 1:1 Agenda - AI-powered bookmark management. Startup launched 🚀

Bookmark websites with a single click, making them available for semantic search and chat-based interaction.

In Vogue: personalized fashion app.

Apply generative AI to your unique preferences to find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

In Vogue

In Vogue

Visually debug your AI agent’s performance in real-time, and analyze and search all of the agent’s historical sessions.Congratulations to these five teams, who surprised us all with both their innovative ideas and how much they accomplished in a single weekend. Their creative uses of AI and level of polish were incredible. And there were so many other great projects that you can check out here.



What's more, two startups were founded out of the hackathon!

  • Supermark, an already functioning chrome extension to save your documents and easily search them using AI.
  • Larsen, a tool to help managers effectively run remote or hybrid teams.


That’s all for this hackathon, but this is only the beginning. As you might imagine, the Month of AI has grown to be much more than that, and we’re excited to continue sharing what Amplitude has in store when it comes to AI.

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About the Author
Image of Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang
Co-founder & Chief Architect
Jeffrey owns the infrastructure that enables us to scan billions of events every second. He studied Computer Science at Stanford and brings experience building infrastructure from Palantir and Sumo Logic.

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