We all worry about product performance. Are our products effective? Efficient? Do they drive customer engagement? How are the conversion and retention rates? At Amplitude, we provide tools to help businesses track, understand, and improve their existing products—but we also want to empower companies to build products better from day one.

That’s why we’re so excited for Amplify 2018. This year’s conference will feature a lineup of industry experts whose bright ideas have transformed the way we build—and ultimately launch—products and user experiences. Here’s a sneak peek.

Gibson Biddle, Speaker and Advisor, Formerly Netflix and Chegg

Social post: Gibson Biddle

If the Silicon Valley was a college student, Gibson Biddle would be its thesis advisor. He’s gained a wealth of hands-on knowledge from years spent spearheading product teams at high-powered firms. These days, he travels the globe delivering talks and workshops, teaches a graduate-level course at Stanford, and co-hosts the bi-annual invite-only Product Leader Summit.

Biddle is best known for helping to put Netflix on the map as their VP of Product, as well as serving as Chief Product Officer at Chegg, SVP Product at The Learning Company, and a Producer at EA. He has also led product development for numerous enterprises, including Epoch Innovations, Mattel, and Sega.com.

Jake Knapp, Bestselling Author, Formerly Google and Google Ventures

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As one of the brains behind bestseller Sprint and the soon-to-be-released Make Time, Jake Knapp is the authority on what it takes to bring a product from ideation to execution—and his Design Sprint philosophy is a staple for development teams everywhere.

“The big idea of the sprint is to take a small team, clear the schedule for a week, and rapidly progress from problem to tested solution,” he writes. “It’s like fast-forwarding into the future to see your finished product in the market.” He devised the strategy while working with Google and GV, where he helped to design products like Gmail and Google Hangouts. Since then, Knapp has coached companies including Slack, Uber, 23andMe, LEGO, and the New York Times.

Tatyana Mamut, Advisor, Formerly Salesforce and Amazon Web Services

Social post: Tatyana Mamut

People often describe product design as “smart”—but with Tatyana Mamut, a better adjective might be “wise”. Her human-centered approach to conceptualizing and building user experiences stems from a deep, empathetic understanding of her customers. It’s no surprise that tech leaders of all stripes—from new founders to C-suite executives—regularly solicit her insight.

As the former Vice President of Product Experience for the IoT Cloud at Salesforce, General Manager & Director of Product at AWS, and founder of the Organization Design Practice at IDEO, Mamut has built both game-changing products and exceptional teams. “Many entrepreneurs have a hard time making the jump from focusing just on designing the product, to really focusing on designing the organization,” she says. “However, organizational design is actually more important than product design.”

As part of Amplify’s Launch Track, these speakers are elevating the conversation around how our products should work, and who they should work for. Equip your executives, founders, and product leads to think tactically as they build and launch the next big thing. Register for Amplify today, and join us as we reframe boundary-pushing product development.