Amplitude Acquires Iteratively to Proactively Improve Data Quality

With Iteratively and Amplitude, digital teams have a Digital Analytics Platform with the best-in-class data management capabilities to ensure any data they access is clean, trustworthy, and error-free.

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May 12, 2021
Image of Justin Bauer
Justin Bauer
Chief Product Officer, Amplitude
Amplitude acquires Iteratively

Today, I’m thrilled to announce we’ve completed the acquisition of Iteratively, an innovative data planning company. It’s no secret that high-quality insights and game-changing personalization starts with great data. At the very foundation of the Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform sits a data layer to integrate data sources, resolve identities, and proactively manage the data our customers bring into Amplitude.

We’ve made incredible progress on our built-in data management capabilities and now ingest nearly 700 billion customer events on average per month. Even still, creating clean, consistent data that leads to accurate analytics and targeted customer experiences is a critical first step and ongoing process. This year, we made it our top priority to help our customers create and maintain high-quality data in Amplitude.

With Iteratively, teams have a solution that eliminates human error during the implementation process while accelerating the path of high-quality analytics and a source of truth for customer and product data. Their self-service application replaces manual, ad hoc processes with an easy-to-use product for data, product, and growth teams to define, track, and verify data before it integrates to systems like Amplitude. For developers, it makes instrumenting product analytics dramatically easier and makes QA and maintaining quality simple.

Together, Iteratively and Amplitude offer digital teams best-in-class data management solutions to proactively and continuously manage their data within the Digital Analytics Platform and across their technology stack. Here are just a few reasons why I’m so excited about this new partnership:

  • Iteratively products and teams significantly accelerate our roadmap and ability to deliver value to customers.
  • Our two companies share a set of product beliefs—notably the importance of self-service applications, product-led practices, best-in-class stacks, empowered and collaborative teams, analytics-enabled decision making and the step-change impact of personalization engines.
  • We’ll be joined by a highly technical and effective team to continue innovating and integrating with our data management offering, including amazing founders in Ondrej and Patrick.
  • More than 70% of Iteratively’s customers are already Amplitude customers—which is a clear indication of the add-on value that their solution can bring to thousands more.

Two Powerful Data Management Applications – Now Under One Umbrella

Over the past year, we’ve launched several major new data management capabilities: new data pipelines, a reimagined core user experience with Govern, and significant enhancements for auditing and controlling the data already in Amplitude. And we’re just getting started with a full roadmap of more ways to ingest, enrich, and export data.

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All Amplitude customers have access to our standard integration and Govern capabilities today with access to an expanded set of taxonomy and planning features for Enterprise customers and Growth customers that choose to upgrade. The built-in Govern application is alive and well, and will continue to see even more regular enhancements.

So, what new capabilities does Iteratively bring to the table? There is a lot to be excited about:

  • Always up-to-date tracking plan for your entire company
  • Standardized naming conventions and company-wide taxonomy
  • Automatic and beautiful docs
  • Type-safe auto-generated wrapper library for every platform
  • Automatic build-time QA and run-time validation
  • 100% client-side—no new infrastructure required
  • Integrations to Amplitude as well as other technologies in the digital optimization stack
Iteratively web application and developer tooling

With Iteratively, you can bring your data teams, product managers and engineers together to define, instrument, verify and collaborate on analytics tracking, for high-quality data you can trust. No more sprawling event dictionaries or messy analytics. Now, with both Iteratively and Amplitude together, you’ll prevent wasted time, increased costs, and poor decision-making caused by bad data.

What does this all mean for Amplitude and Iteratively customers? Here are answers to several questions you may have:

Who can access Iteratively?

  • Iteratively is available in a closed beta program for existing Amplitude customers in the Enterprise plan or Growth plan with the Govern add-on.
  • Iteratively will also be available to new Amplitude customers who are instrumenting data via our professional services team.

If you’re interested in early access to Iteratively, you can sign up here and our teams will be in touch!

Are there any packaging changes to Govern?

There are no immediate changes to Govern. However, customers with the Govern add-on or Enterprise package do have the opportunity to join the beta program.

How does their product compare to Amplitude data management capabilities?

Amplitude helps teams connect data sources and manage already flowing, or instrumented, data into Amplitude (i.e. Govern). Iteratively approaches data management at the point of event generation—it helps teams prepare to instrument data into systems like Amplitude. It sits upstream to systems like Amplitude, helping teams reduce friction and get started with cleaner, more consistent data.

I already instrumented my data to Amplitude—do I need Iteratively?

Even existing instrumentations can see significant benefits from Iteratively. And there are new capabilities on the roadmap to pinpoint inconsistencies. If your organization would benefit from cleaner, consistent data or a centralized place for tracking we welcome you to sign up to learn more.

What happens to Iteratively customers?

All Iteratively customers will continue to be supported. There are no immediate changes and you can read more in the Iteratively announcement blog post.

Solving the Data Quality Crisis

A final note on the opportunity at hand for us and our customers: Data has become the most valuable asset for companies. Wherever you look, a top challenge cited by digital teams is always data quality and integration related, with bad data costing U.S. businesses more than $3 trillion per year. The first opportunity is to help more companies on their journey to digital-first with easy-to-turn-on, high-quality analytics. But the opportunity is bigger beyond analytics—and it fits squarely in our vision for the Digital Analytics Platform. Iteratively CEO and Co-founder Patrick Thompson put it perfectly in the company’s fundraise announcement blog post:

“Data use cases have moved way beyond reporting: personalization and recommendation engines to drive growth, churn prediction and prevention to improve retention and AI research that will change the world as we know it. Once you’re creating 1-1 user journeys or embedding data in your product, you can’t rely on data that’s 90% accurate. You just can’t.”

We’re already well into integrating our teams and advancing our two products’ integration and roadmap. And we look forward to driving widespread adoption as we fully integrate Iteratively into our product portfolio and go-to-market motion.

I invite you to join us in an upcoming presentation and conversation with the Iteratively founders to learn more about their product, customer stories, and our shared vision.

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Image of Justin Bauer
Justin Bauer
Chief Product Officer, Amplitude
Justin Bauer is the Chief Product Officer at Amplitude, where he strives to make it easy for companies to make better decisions from their data. He’s a 2x entrepreneur as well as an alumnus of McKinsey, Stanford GSB and Carleton College.

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