Amplitude Analytics Update: Ant-Man Edition

Alan Ibrahim

Director of Customer Success

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Posted on October 16, 2015

Two-Event Segmentation, Funnels, <24 Hour Conversion Windows, Store Property Values in Arrays, and User Property Operations.

Two-Event Segmentation

You can now add and compare two events in the Events Segmentation tab. This is particularly useful when you want to compare two of the same event, conditioned on different event or user property values.

You can read more about the Events Segmentation tab here.

Funnels: < 24 Hour Conversion Windows

You can now create funnels with a conversion window of less than 24 hours (only available in Strict Mode). This is helpful when you have a sequence of events that you expect users to perform within hours/minutes/seconds of each other. Read more about the function and its limitations here.

Store Property Values in Arrays

You can now store event/user property values in arrays using our SDKs or the HTTP API. This is helpful when you have multiple values that an event/user property can take on. For example, you may have a user property ‘Interests’, where its values are stored in as an array, which lists the user’s many interests. You can then segment or condition events by specific array values or array sets. Note: for all user properties that Amplitude automatically track, you cannot store their values as an array. For example, you cannot store the values of ‘[Amplitude] Country’ as an array.

SDK Updates

We highly recommend that you update your SDKs to the latest versions:

Amplitude-Android 2.1.0 Semi-major release where we added support for user property operations (set, setOnce, add, unset).

Amplitude-iOS 3.1.1

Amplitude-JavaScript 2.5.0 Semi-major release where we added support for user property operations (set, setOnce, add, unset).

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