Amplitude and Braze: A Partnership Grounded in Better Customer Experiences

Discover how we work together to drive personalization and better business outcomes. Visit us at Braze Forge, Oct 16-17, 2023.

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October 12, 2023
Headshot of Courtney Burry
Courtney Burry
Vice President of Product, Partner, and Customer Marketing, Amplitude
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In today’s increasingly crowded market, great digital experiences are table stakes. In fact, in a recent survey of 2,000 consumers, 63% said that if they are not satisfied with their experience, they will quit a platform before even making a purchase. And in that same study 49% admitted they had left a company they were loyal to in the past 12 months for just that reason.

In other words, it’s never been more important to build experiences that truly delight customers and help you stand out from the competition.

Enter our partnership with customer engagement platform Braze. Amplitude gives you deep visibility and insights into your customers’ behavior across their entire journey. This enables you to segment and target customers and experiment and improve experiences to drive better outcomes. With Braze, you can take what you’ve learned from Amplitude and make real-time, cross-channel adjustments to customers’ digital experiences—including email or in-app and browser messages—for a more customized journey. You can also export your product and marketing data in Braze to Amplitude to perform a deeper analysis in Amplitude, gauging the efficacy of your efforts.

All of this adds up to a pairing that helps you ensure your customers are active, engaged, and loyal.

Together Amplitude and Braze have helped household names across the globe drive customer engagement to new levels. For example, Australian lottery retailer Jumbo increased user retention by 18% by using Braze to create customized experiences based on behavioral data it tracked and analyzed with Amplitude.

Online video editing platform Clipchamp, also based in Australia, saw a jump in user engagement when it paired Amplitude and Braze. After segmenting customers in Amplitude, the company used Braze to target lapsed users with in-browser messages and incentives designed to re-engage them. The strategy was an enormous success, increasing user engagement by 600%.

Want to learn more about how Amplitude and Braze can help you create better customer experiences? Join us at Braze Forge, Oct 16-17, 2023. We’ll be there to showcase how we can help attendees deliver better digital experiences. You can also hear a fireside chat with AllTrails Director of Lifecycle Marketing Tammi Miller, who will share her lessons and best practices from using a joint Amplitude and Braze solution. AllTrails uses Amplitude’s Digital Analytics Platform and Customer Data Platform along with Braze to deliver personalized experiences and drive higher conversion. AllTrails believes in connecting people to the outdoors—we are excited to play a part.

Register for Braze Forge and stop by booth #3 to chat with the Amplitude team.

About the Author
Headshot of Courtney Burry
Courtney Burry
Vice President of Product, Partner, and Customer Marketing, Amplitude
Courtney Burry is the VP of Product Marketing at Amplitude. Prior to working at Amplitude, she was SVP of Corporate and Product Marketing at Collibra and VP of Product Marketing at VMware. Courtney has 25+ years of marketing experience helping well-known tech brands evolve, grow, and thrive.