Amplitude Update: Black Widow Edition

Learn how Compass (previously dubbed the Growth Discovery Engine) helps you find your product's "a-ha" moments.

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September 17, 2015
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Alan Ibrahim
Director of Customer Success
Amplitude Update: Black Widow Edition

New in Amplitude:

  1. Growth Discovery Engine is out of beta!
  2. Graph annotations
  3. Save charts as images
  4. User property inequalities for segmentation
  5. Segmentation available in Sessions tab
  6. SDK updates

Keep reading for details!

1. Growth Discovery Engine: Find Your A-Ha Moment without an Army of Data Scientists

Facebook had an entire team of data scientists sift through terabytes of data to find their a-ha moment: that users who added at least 7 friends in their first 10 days were almost certain to be retained for the long-term. Unfortunately, your company probably doesn’t have an army of data scientists to find this critical indicator. Our Growth Discovery Engine (GDE) solves this problem by allowing you to find thresholds of user behavior that predict long-term engagement and ultimately lead to growth.

GDE is the third lens of the Behavioral Layer and accompanies Microscope and Behavioral Cohorts. GDE is an Enterprise only feature and can be found in the “Behaviors” Tab.Let’s say you want to explore the effect adding friends has on your retention. Constructing an analysis in GDE is simple and reads like a sentence: “For new users, how does adding friends in the first 7 days predict 2nd-week retention?”

The result is a graph that shows how different thresholds of adding friends are correlated to 2nd-week retention. Clicking on one of the bars shows the correlation, contingency table, and other statistics for that threshold. Here we can see that the correlation between adding at least 2 friends in the first 7 days and 2nd-week retention is about 0.46.

If you’re on an Enterprise plan, next week your Success Manager will send you a guide on how to best leverage GDE. You can read more about the Growth Discovery Engine in our Help Center.

2. Add Global Annotations To Your Graphs

You can now annotate important dates, such as feature releases and marketing campaigns, in Amplitude graphs. Never forget the reasons for spikes in your data even if they occurred many months ago! You can create annotations directly from the Microscope tool-tip and manage them in the Manage App section. Note that annotations are global and not specific to graphs.

You can read more about annotations in our Help Center.

3. Save Charts as Images for Reports and Presentations

In the past, if you wanted to show off an awesome retention, DAU, or funnel chart, you’d have to take a screenshot, save it, attach it to an email, and then send it over. Now you have the ability to save chart images as a PDF or PNG!

Saving charts as images is only available for Enterprise and Business customers. You can read more in our Help Center.

4. Inequalities for User Properties in Segmentation Bar

You can now use inequality operators for user properties in the segmentation bar. This allows you to segment graphs based on ranges of numeric user property values, such as age. The example below shows a segment of users who are between the ages of 18 and 22.

Now you can use it to easily bucket users into custom ranges!

5. Segmentation Now Available for Sessions Tab

You can now segment the Sessions Tab by user properties. The example below shows the comparison of session length distribution for users in the United States, Canada, and Russia.

6. SDK Updates

SDK Updates. We highly recommend that you update your SDKs to the latest versions:

Amplitude-Android 2.0.1

Amplitude-iOS 3.0.0 Amplitude-JavaScript 2.4.0 This is a minor release where we added the option to batch events into a single request and added support for passing callback functions to log event.

More info can be found in our changelog.

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Image of Alan Ibrahim
Alan Ibrahim
Director of Customer Success
Alan is Amplitude's Director of Customer Success, where he leads our North American Success team. As Amplitude's first employee, he built out our Customer Success function from scratch!
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