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We're excited to announce our AI + Product Hackathon and a brand new design partner program. Be sure to sign up below!

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May 11, 2023
Image of Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang
Co-founder & Chief Architect
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AI is sending shockwaves through tech. In the last few months, we’ve seen Databricks Dolly, GitHub CoPilot, ChatGPT, and AI-generated content explode. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be alive. AI has massive implications for Amplitude’s mission – helping companies build better products. We’ve been building AI-powered products for years, but the recent innovations in the space have accelerated our efforts even further. That’s why this month we’re excited to announce:

AI + Product Hackathon

We’re partnering with New Relic, LanceDB, and several top AI startups to run our first AI + Product Hackathon.

AI Hackathon Sponsors

We know that AI will improve or even reshape the way products work, but many teams do not have experience bringing an AI product to market. What’s more, many product teams simply deploy features and walk away. Rapid experimentation and building a feedback loop are new skills that require practice, and AI combined with product analytics are powerful tools that can drive business growth and innovation.

Amplitude will host 150 of the best and brightest AI innovators at our San Francisco office for an AI Hackathon on June 3rd & 4th. We’ll be exploring the best ways to apply AI to real-world products. Swyx and Alessio will also join us for a live edition of the Latent Space Podcast and a panel discussion with some of the leaders in the LLM space. As we gear up for the event, we’ll be posting thought leadership on AI in product development from the Amplitude team and our event partners. The smartest minds in this space will be sharing what the future of AI holds right here on the Amplitude blog.

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AI Design Partner Program

At Amplitude, we believe that our customers are part of our team, and our efforts in AI are no exception to that. That’s why we are announcing our AI Design Partner Program – a chance to shape the future of Amplitude by sharing feedback with us as we pilot upcoming AI capabilities in the product.

We want Amplitude to do as much work for you as possible, whether that’s translating your questions into insights, automatically governing your data, or predicting the future of your users – all powered by AI. If you’re an Amplitude customer and are interested in getting early access to new AI features and tools we’re building, be sure to join our partner program!

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Keep an eye on our blog for more announcements coming soon! ✨

About the Author
Image of Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang
Co-founder & Chief Architect
Jeffrey owns the infrastructure that enables us to scan billions of events every second. He studied Computer Science at Stanford and brings experience building infrastructure from Palantir and Sumo Logic.