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Mike is a Product Manager at Amplitude.

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Making Data Validation Suck Less

“Data validation is fun!” – No one ever 

Data validation. Two incredibly important words, yet one of the most painful parts of any analytics instrumentation. Whether you’re getting started with product analytics for the first time, or releasing a new feature and making updates to your current implementation, ensuring that the data you collect is accurate can be a nightmare for large organizations and small startups alike.

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The Foundation for Great Analytics is a Great Taxonomy

Behind every great piece of user behavior analysis is a great event taxonomy – the collection of events and properties you use to define actions your users can take within your product. Think of the event taxonomy as the foundation for all future analysis you’ll do with your analytics platform. It’s crucial to get right. And from what we’ve learned working with thousands of customers, instrumenting and maintaining a clean and consistent taxonomy is also one of the most challenging steps to successfully leveraging a product analytics tool. Continue reading