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New campaign reporting tools help you understand how acquisition investments drive product growth.

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November 15, 2022
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Nikhil Gangaraju
Director, Product Marketing, Amplitude
Campaign Reporting Launch

Product and business leaders today are being tasked with proving ROI on all investments, and customers are asking for full visibility into their growth model specifically around the acquisition, engagement, and retention of their digital products. Addressing this requires better alignment around core growth metrics, a common language that product & marketing can rally around as well as tools that connect these metrics into one system.

At Amplify 2022, we announced new campaign reporting tools to help you connect marketing campaigns to product outcomes. Today we’re excited to share the general availability of Campaign Reporting to our #1 product analytics. With these new updates, you can better understand how effective your acquisition investments are in driving product outcomes, understand drivers of revenue and build better strategies for growth.

See how digital channels impact product metrics

Channel Conversion

With Acquisition Channels, you can now analyze how new leads, signups, or subscribers come into your product and what digital campaigns and channels are converting them. Go further with Amplitude behavioral data to understand, how your channels impact bottom-line product outcomes. i.e. which channels bring in power users, which features are true conversion drivers, how your channels retain customers over time. Leverage Multi-Touch attribution in Amplitude to understand which acquisition strategies are working best for your product and how your channels are performing in comparison to each other. Instead of looking at the channel impact over just 7 days (basic conversion), you can now understand the true long-term impact (unlimited look-back view) of your channel strategy across the customer journey, i.e how are they engaging in your product, which channels are impacting long-term revenue & retention metrics.

Measure the ROI of your digital campaigns

Ad-network metrics

With our new Ad-Network integrations, Amplitude now makes it easier to measure how campaigns are performing. By integrating campaign data such as cost, impressions, and clicks, you can unlock new insights into their overall campaign performance and return on investment. Understand the cost of acquiring new customers via paid digital channels, as well as the impact on key product revenue metrics, and even perform return on ad-spend analysis (ROAS) directly in Amplitude. Understand the ROI on your digital investments and prioritize the right campaigns across the right channels.

Activate campaigns with product insights

Audiences & Cohorts

Amplitude also gives you a variety of ways to analyze users’ behavioral data across their lifecycle. Once you discover an interesting group of users, you can easily create a cohort to perform a deeper acquisition analysis. Identify a high-value cohort that you’d like to activate or engage with, and sync it to our growing list of supported destinations so you can run activation and retention campaigns. Feed that campaign data back into Amplitude to get a closed-loop workflow that empowers you to continuously iterate and optimize your efforts across the lifecycle. Build more comprehensive lifecycle strategies using Amplitude by segmenting the right customers based on acquisition behaviors.

Companies like HubSpot, SoFi, Blue Apron, The Weather Company and more are starting to take advantage of these new features to better connect marketing and product insights. Shawn Hymer, Data and Strategy analyst at Palo Alto Software recently shared:

With Campaign Reporting in Amplitude we can now look at users on specific campaigns as a group, if they hit milestones that we know make users stickier, i.e. connecting to an accounting solution through our system, editing financial forecasts more than 2 times per month, etc. With these campaign insights, we’re now looking to implement better decision-making on how our acquisition spending impacts our bottom line.

The Future of Product Analytics

A recent Gartner® Market Guide notes “web, product, and digital experience analytics are no longer discrete, with many features overlapping and converging, blurring the lines between markets.”1 With this convergence well underway, many organizations are taking a hard look at their current solutions and thinking critically about their future investments in analytics.

Tools such as Google Analytics have traditionally focused on measuring the ROI of campaigns within the Google ecosystem and were not built as product analytics tools. With the new update to GA4, some users have also shared that funnel analysis, retention, and segmentation analysis are still lacking. These essential tools for product teams are why we continue to see customers like Brainly moving to Amplitude. Building a foundation for product growth begins with the right analytics solution that can help product and marketing teams understand what drives users to engage with your product, discover new audiences, test and iterate on new experiences, and quickly measure the impact of your digital investments.

Campaign Reporting features including Acquisition channels, Multi-Touch Attribution along with Ad-spend metrics are available to customers in our Growth and Enterprise plans. We’re excited to see how customers use these insights in Amplitude to power their product growth.

1. Gartner, Market Guide for Web, Product and Digital Experience Analytics, Melissa Davis, David Norrie, Aapo Markkanen, Adrian Lee, April 26, 2022

Amplitude vs. GA4
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Image of Nikhil Gangaraju
Nikhil Gangaraju
Director, Product Marketing, Amplitude
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