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Data Connections

Unify, Analyze, and Activate Customer Data from “Anywhere.”

Data Connections are an adaptable way to bring customer data into Amplitude from anywhere in your digital ecosystem.

Accelerate new insights

Uncover new behaviours and triggers by making it easy to bring all of your customer data into a single analytics solution.

Break down silos

Stop creating the spaghetti mess of point-to-point integrations and complicated data pipelines with configurable and no-code integrations.

Know your customers, inside out

Build rich profiles of your customers with identity resolution and sync the data back into your data warehouse and cloud storage with bidirectional integrations.

Ingest behavioral data from anywhere and export to destinations of your choice

No scripts, no code—just business results. Choose the right connectivity option based on your data needs. Whether you need to bring data in from applications, servers, cloud storage, data warehouses OR export enriched data out to your MarTech tools.

APIs and SDKs

Send all your events to Amplitude in real time or batched from applications and servers. Export data from Amplitude via APIs to activate the data for business outcomes.

Audience exports

Turnkey integrations with MarTech tools to sync audience lists and APIs for real-time personalization.

Batch & stream events

Load enriched event data into cloud storage and data warehouses with bidirectional integrations.

“It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of self-service analytics at Kahoot!, and with Amplitude’s ability to connect out of the box with our technology stack, we are able to remove data bottlenecks to not only receive insights faster but also spark further curiosity and experimentation within the product to improve the user experience.”

Martí Colominas
Head of Data

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Connect your entire data ecosystem

Integrate your data stack to unlock new opportunities from your product data.

Data warehouse and cloud storage

Unleash the power of your raw event data residing in siloed data warehouses and cloud storage systems.

Ad networks & platforms

Send event data to various advertising platforms to create targeted audiences.


Understand how customers respond to touchpoints across marketing channels.

Marketing solutions

Deliver meaningful experiences by using customer engagement to optimize marketing campaigns.

Customer data platforms

Connect to your existing CDP and drive faster time to insight and value.

Learn more about Data Connections

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New Snowflake Integration Delivers the Modern Data Stack

Amplitude announces an integration to unite best-in-class data cloud and best-in-class product analytics to enrich product data and accelerate insights-to-action for customers.

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Better data brings better content at Disney+ Hotstar

By prioritizing data governance, the product team at Disney+ Hotstar was able to make sense of customer behavioral data—and use those insights to drive stickiness across markets.

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Amplitude Adobe Launch extension

Leverage past Adobe Analytics implementation work to try out Amplitude

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