15 Questions to Make Smarter Product Bets with Customer Insights

The best products are built with a deep understanding of what leads a customer to convert, drop off, or become loyal over time.

John Hurley


Stop Data Snacking

What is data snacking? And what is the alternative?

John Cutler


Build Your Own Product Discovery Toolbox

Why there is no one “right” approach to product discovery.

Tim Herbig


Sustainable Product Strategy: How to Move from Outputs to Outcomes

7 tips from the Yesware team about shifting product planning to put the customer front and center.

Inessa Lurye


5 Predictions for the Next Decade of Data Governance

In the 2010s, product teams gained access to unprecedented amounts of data. In the 2020s, managing that data will become the foundation to building th...

Mallory Busch


The Attention Game: What it is and How to Play it

Increase user engagement by finding ways to keep users in your product longer. Here's how to play the Attention Game.

Victoria Rainbolt


How to Analyze the Health of Your App’s Product-Market Fit Through Growth Accounting

Jonathan Hsu, Co-founder and General Partner at Tribe Capital, explains the growth accounting framework and how it can empower product team decision-m...

Jonathan Hsu


The UX of Data

Growth designer Lex Roman gives advice on how your cross-functional team should talk about data.

Lex Roman


Who’s Speaking at Amplify 2019?

Amplify 2019 is coming up quickly and we're proud to host the leading authorities on product and growth. Here are this year’s speakers.

Archana Madhavan