Amplitude Feature Update: Segmenting on Event Properties, Double Group By, Retention on Event Properties, and Sessions on Web

Alan Ibrahim

Director of Customer Success

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Posted on September 18, 2014

First the new UI, and now a slew of feature updates to provide more powerful analytics to our users.

Our engineers have been busy bees the past few weeks! First the new UI, and now a slew of feature updates to provide more powerful analytics to our users.

1. Segmenting on Event Properties

User segmentation is better than ever. You can now segment based on event properties, and then by user properties. For example, you can group the ‘stage’ key of the ‘Recognition error’ event by Device to see the most common stage of an error per device.

2. Double Group By on User Properties

Our ‘Group By’ functionality is now twice as good. Group By simply means that instead of having to manually create segments of users to look at, the Group By function will divide up your users into groups based on a particular user property. You can now have two user property group bys at the same time. For example, you can see active users grouped by Country AND City.

3. Retention on Event Properties

Our users can now dig into even more detail about which actions correspond with engaged, retained users — arguably one of the most important questions you can answer with analytics. You can now select a specific event property when defining the ‘Start Action’ and ‘Return’ action in the retention analytics graph.

4. Sessions on Web

We now track sessions for you automatically through our JavaScript SDK! Previously, session tracking was only available for our iOS and Android SDKs. For our current users to get the update, you’ll need to update to the latest version of the JavaScript SDK.

5. Updated Docs

Docs, fun fun! We updated our Docs page to reflect the most recent feature changes as well as changes in our UI. We also now have docs for attribution analytics providers who want to send campaign data for users.

Amplitude Docs & FAQ
Attribution API Docs

As always, if you have any questions or comments about Amplitude, we’re all ears! Drop us a line at anytime.

Alan Ibrahim

Alan is Amplitude's Director of Customer Success, where he leads our North American Success team. As Amplitude's first employee, he built out our Customer Success function from scratch!

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