Come Celebrate with Us: The Forbes 100, Amplify, and 2019 So Far

This year, Amplitude was included in the Forbes Cloud 100 list, which recognizes the top 100 private cloud companies. We're celebrating this and other big wins at Amplify this year.

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September 12, 2019
Image of Sandhya Hegde
Sandhya Hegde
VP of Marketing
Come Celebrate with Us: The Forbes 100, Amplify, and 2019 So Far

We’re excited to share that Amplitude entered the Forbes Cloud 100 this year. The Cloud 100 showcases the top 100 private cloud companies in the world.

Each year, The Cloud 100 is selected and ranked by a panel of judges from leading public cloud companies using qualitative and quantitative data submitted by nominees along with publicly available third-party data sources.

Thank you to all our customers and champions—we couldn’t have done this without you. We’d love to celebrate with you all at Amplify, our annual conference. You can register for Amplify using the promo code Cloud100 for 20% off your ticket for a limited time.

Beyond joining The Cloud 100, we’re proud of a number of major accomplishments we’ve achieved this year. Here are a few of the more notable highlights so far from Amplitude’s journey in 2019.

Growing our global customer base

Today, Amplitude serves over 30,000 teams including 800+ corporate and enterprise customers. We work with 21 Fortune 100 leaders, such as Microsoft, along with high-growth innovators like Intuit, Twitter, SoFi, Zuora, Peloton, and Drift.

In Q2 2019, we celebrated our biggest quarter of new customers ever, with over 100 new corporate and enterprise customers globally across consumer, SaaS, media, and ecommerce, including Procter & Gamble, GoFundMe, Glossier and Traveloka.

Building the #1 product intelligence platform

At Amplitude, our mission is to help companies build great products. In today’s product-led era, people choose companies with the best product experience, so we’re constantly thinking about how we can push the envelope on product intelligence to help our customers keep their products on the cutting edge.

In 2019 we have shipped over 68 new features and improvements to the Amplitude platform. These include additions to Amplitude for new insights, better data governance, easier collaboration, faster query speed as well as new products.

Building a great product that delivers exceptional customer value doesn’t happen in a silo. It takes data-driven collaboration across product, engineering, customer success, marketing, and more. That’s why we’ve invested in solutions that make Amplitude the easiest analytics tool to adopt and collaborate on:

  • Notebooks help you share the narrative around a set of analyses with your team. With Notebooks, you can share the context and results of an A/B test or an interesting pattern of user behavior with text, images, and videos.
  • Releases let you annotate product changes or experiments, analyze their impact, and broadcast takeaways to the rest of the organization. With Releases, you can create a record of your changes and view it in a chronological timeline, creating a living source of truth for all of your product updates and experiments.
  • My Workspace is a space for all of your saved content—charts, Notebooks, dashboards, and cohorts—regardless of whether it’s discoverable, unlisted, or added to a Team Space.

Example of a Notebook created to share the context and results of an A/B test.


In addition to this, we have continued to push the frontier on advanced product insights and data governance by introducing new analytics features to the industry:

  • Impact Analysis helps teams understand how users engaging with a feature for the first time impacts how they behave in the product over time.
  • Advanced funnel analysis that lets you do things like hold one property constant, while grouping by another property, compare the behaviors of converted and dropped-off users, and view the distribution of time it takes for users to convert.
  • Period-over-period comparisons let you see the results of your analysis in the current time range with the previous day, or the same day from the previous week, month, quarter or year.
  • Ingestion Debugger shows you how much data Amplitude is receiving from you and exposes metrics on successful/failed requests as well as throttling and silencing information.

Another critical pillar of product intelligence is taking programmatic action to improve customer experience.__ In August 2019, we launched Amplitude Engage to help companies automate campaign personalization:__

  • Rappi, the leading on-demand delivery service in South America, used Amplitude Engage to cut acquisition costs by 30%.
  • iflix, the largest streaming video service in Southeast Asia, used Amplitude Engage to increase campaign conversion-to-view rates 4x.

Amplitude Engage helps companies deliver tailored campaigns to specific audiences in the context of their behavior in three steps.


Supercharging our executive team

In 2019, we also grew our executive leadership team with three new leaders to take on the new challenges of a growing company. I’m thrilled to be one of them, as Amplitude’s new Executive VP of Marketing. I joined Amplitude initially as a Product Manager; before that, I was at Khosla Ventures, where I led emerging market venture capital investments, and am on the board of several fast growing SaaS companies in AI, energy, and fintech. We also welcome:

  • Shadi Rostami, our new SVP of Engineering, joins Amplitude from Palo Alto Networks where she spent 11 years and rose through the ranks. She scaled her organization from a small team to 100+ engineers focusing on Development, QA, DevOps, and Data Science.
  • Hoang Vuong, our new CFO, joins Amplitude from GoFundMe, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, where he served as COO and CFO for 4 years running all go to market functions as GoFundMe grew to $2B+ in annual gross donations and expanded to 19 countries.

From left to right: Hoang Vuong, Chief Financial Officer at Amplitude; Spenser Skates, CEO; Shadi Rostami, Senior VP of Engineering.


Building the product growth community with Amplify

An important investment needed to build better products is to learn from the leaders in the tech industry. At Amplitude we believe in learning and growing together with our community, whether it’s with the leading playbooks we have published on engagement and retention or with our annual industry conference, Amplify.

Amplify is the product conference where product and growth leaders come to learn from the best in Silicon Valley. In 2018, Amplify’s inaugural year, over 1200 members of the product community gathered to hear from the experts behind some of the world’s most ubiquitous products, like Amazon, Google, Salesforce, Netflix, Pinterest, Uber, and more.

This year at Amplify, we’re welcoming leaders like Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom; Marcelo Pascoa, Global Head of Brand Marketing at Burger King; and Merci Grace, former Director of Product at Slack and now a partner at Lightspeed Ventures.

And we’d love to see you there as well. Register for Amplify using the promo code Cloud100 for 20% off your ticket for a limited time.

Andrew Chen, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz (right), and Merci Grace, Partner at Lightspeed Ventures (left), on stage at Amplify 2018.


We are hiring!

Keeping Amplitude a great place to work is our number one priority and we do so by striving to stay true to our company values—growth mindset, ownership, and humility—in every way.

Interested in working with us? Learn more about Amplitude and see our open opportunities here.

About the Author
Sandhya Hegde is the VP of Marketing at Amplitude, driving our strategy to help companies around the world build better products and win. A graduate from IIT Bombay and Stanford GSB, she is passionate about all things technology and business. Having been a startup founder, VC investor at Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, as well as a product leader—she is an expert on how companies can craft product-led strategies for innovative disruption.