Launching the new Amplitude Scholarship Program for Startups

A free year of access to Amplitude’s powerful analytics platform to seed stage startups.

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October 8, 2019
Image of Sandhya Hegde
Sandhya Hegde
VP of Marketing
Launching the new Amplitude Scholarship Program for Startups

There are over 5 million applications on the internet and app stores globally. Analysts estimate that only 0.01% of them are going to be commercially successful. Finding product-market fit is hard. It’s the most important job for any team at an early stage startup. To help support these teams, we are offering a 12 month scholarship to Amplitude’s growth plan for all seed-stage startups that qualify. Here’s how to apply.

The best product experience wins

In the product-led era, the best experience wins. Customers no longer have brand loyalty and want services that don’t lock them in. Building a frictionless, personalized product experience that improves fast is the holy grail of disruption for every company.

At Amplitude, we have built the world’s first product intelligence platform that helps teams bridge the execution gap between their product vision and reality. It combines product analytics, data governance, and personalization to help you build for growth. We now power over 30,000 teams globally and 20 of the US Fortune 100.

While we are the leader in enterprise product analytics, we have always wanted to support the startup community with access to great, free user analytics. In fact, we are the only company in this space to offer free access to basic product analytics to everyone without any limits on data retention or user seats. We are now taking this access another notch up by offering 12 months of free access to Amplitude’s complete behavioral platform to fast growing seed-stage startups.

Amplitude Scholarship criteria

The Amplitude scholarship has a value of over $40,000 and will be completely free for 12 months. Hundreds of companies have already taken advantage of it in the past including Babychakra, Facemoji, Aurora Solar, and Starting today, it is available to all startups that meet the criteria below:

  • Launched less than 2 years ago
  • Received less than $5 million in funding
  • Have fewer than 20 employees
  • Have less than 20M user events/month or about 50,000 tracked users/month

Segment customers on their startup program can also choose Amplitude through their dealbook. Here’s how to apply.

The value of self-serve behavioral analytics

To improve your odds of finding product-market fit, you need an analytics platform that can go past reporting vanity metrics and basic conversion funnels to really understanding the experience customers are having in your product. Below are our recommendations on two core analytics available on our growth and scholarship plans that will accelerate your path to product market fit.

Ensure every single person in your startup can understand exactly how customers are navigating your product. With Pathfinder, Amplitude was the first behavioral analytics platform to create this functionality and it has helped thousands of startups better understand their product experience.


Don’t look at your users as averages, analyze them in cohorts. With Behavioral Cohorting, Amplitude was the first analytics platform to make it possible to create cohorts based on any possible combination of behavior in your product. It continues to be the fastest, most powerful way to cohort customers without using SQL. Applying these cohorts to retention charts will help you understand what features and behaviors are driving retention.


As a startup, you are competing with incumbents who have more resources and brand awareness. Your only competitive advantage is speed and focus. Amplitude’ behavioral platform helps you maximize your team’s productivity by making analytics lightning fast.

The @Amplitude_HQ Compass tool is Amazing. Used to do these multiple linear regression analyses manually and they would take forever. Now you can explore tens of variations of them in minutes.

Jamie Quint (@jamiequint) September 24, 2019

In summary, free access to Amplitude’s growth plan for a year will help you speed up on your path to product-market fit. Not sure you qualify? Apply anyway and we will be in touch with you.

About the Author
Sandhya Hegde is the VP of Marketing at Amplitude, driving our strategy to help companies around the world build better products and win. A graduate from IIT Bombay and Stanford GSB, she is passionate about all things technology and business. Having been a startup founder, VC investor at Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, as well as a product leader—she is an expert on how companies can craft product-led strategies for innovative disruption.
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