Release Notes: December 2018

It’s been a busy couple months for us at Amplitude: Impact Analysis, TV mode dashboards, and lightning fast search

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December 18, 2018
Image of Archana Madhavan
Archana Madhavan
Instructional Designer
Release Notes: December 2018

Validate hypotheses with Impact Analysis (beta)

Available for all customers on the Scholarship, Growth, and Enterprise plans

View the changes in your users’ behavior after they engage with a feature for the first time with Impact Analysis. This chart helps you understand how first-time engagement with one feature affects the rate at which users take key actions in your product. Take a look at our documentation to learn more.


Available for all customers

Searching for work that you and your teammates have created is a core part of the Amplitude experience that will help you collaborate around shared insights. We recently introduced a lightning fast search experience to get you to exactly what you’re looking for in seconds — no matter how much content you and your team have created together!


Broadcast impact across your entire organization with TV-mode Dashboards!

Available for all customers

Having rich visualizations of KPIs and other important business metrics is a great way to inspire a team and get alignment on broader objectives across an organization, but you can’t expect everyone to huddle around a small screen all the time. With TV Mode for Dashboards, you can post large-format visuals of product metrics on televisions and other public displays so everyone within your company can see how the product is performing.


Curate the best visualization for your teammates with a lightweight series color picker

Available for all customers

You can’t tell a complete story with your data without the right visuals — that’s why we’ve built more tools to help you curate your analysis. The new series color picker allows you to select the color you want your data series to return as so you can send the right message with your visuals, or have consistency in series color on Dashboards and Notebooks when looking at multiple charts at once. Just click the color badge next to the series label to edit.


Lose the mouse and speed through content creation!

Available for all customers

On World Usability Day, we worked on a number of improvements to make interactions on the Amplitude platform more delightful. One of our favorites is the ability to navigate through the chart creation experience using just your keyboard. Use [Tab] and [Shift + Tab] to navigate between UI elements for a mouse-less experience.


Measure user and account retention by calendar days, weeks, and months

Available for all customers

If your product’s natural usage pattern follows calendar-day increments, you can now use strict calendar dates to evaluate your user retention. The strict calendar date definition means that a user who is new on a Saturday will be Week 1 retained if they are active two days later on Monday, according to a calendar week. This is particularly helpful if you have gaming products with fixed time daily resets, or a B2B application where users typically engage during Mon-Fri work weeks.


Customize the columns in the Real-Time Activity table

Available for all customers

See the fields you want in the live events table. To make it easier to test new or changed instrumentation, and view live data as it’s received by Amplitude, select the user and Amplitude event properties you want to be visible.


Help your team fully understand the KPIs you’re tracking with Custom Event descriptions

Available for all customers

Custom Events are one of the most common ways we’ve seen our customers define important business metrics that are used across the entire team. You can now add rich metadata, including the ability descriptions, and see who last edited a Custom Event so all team members can trust the data they’re using in their analysis. Add descriptions in the Manage Data > Custom Events section of your Project.

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Image of Archana Madhavan
Archana Madhavan
Instructional Designer
Archana is an Instructional Designer on the Customer Education team at Amplitude. She develops educational content and courses to help Amplitude users better analyze their customer data to build better products.
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