Amplitude Fully Replatforms on Snowflake with Snowflake Native Amplitude

Seamlessly access insights and run queries directly in Snowflake or Amplitude.

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June 4, 2024
Francois Ajenstat
Chief Product Officer
Snowflake and Amplitude

Over the last two years, we have been hard at work to fully replatform Amplitude on Snowflake. Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Snowflake Native Amplitude (SNA)—now with five free seats, to make it easier than ever for organizations to get started.

With this new offering, we’ve made it easy for teams to access insights and run queries directly in Snowflake so they can fully understand customer behavior and turn these insights into rich and engaging experiences—all with zero ETL. With Snowflake Native Amplitude, teams can similarly bring their financial and enterprise data alongside rich behavioral data to truly correlate digital product engagement with business growth.

Making the move to replatform on Snowflake

How did we make this all possible?

We first had to rethink our data model architecture to be more flexible to the different types of data models our customers hold in Snowflake. Customers hold many different types of data in different fact and dimension tables, and we needed to allow them to map those data types to Amplitude concepts while preserving our intuitive chart creation experience.

Our chart definition language and query engine takes advantage of implicit joins to provide a faster, more intuitive experience. As a result, we had to take some of the basic primitives that we take for granted in our proprietary query engine and generate equivalent SQL queries that could run on Snowflake.

Finally, we worked closely with Snowflake’s team to optimize query performance so that our customer’s experience would allow for broad, interactive access to data on top of Snowflake’s Data Cloud, without any data ever leaving the warehouse. All of this combined allowed us to make this happen.

Today, we are the first fully replatformed enterprise app on Snowflake–which is no small feat. And we are incredibly excited to bring this to market.

Snowflake and Amplitude—better together

With this joint offering, we’re enabling teams to analyze user behavior alongside transactional data, better understand customers, and measure the business impact of features in a few simple clicks.

This unified approach empowers you to personalize experiences, optimize marketing campaigns, and ultimately drive growth—all with the security and governance you expect from Snowflake. Have your cake and eat it too.

Get a single source of truth

A big benefit of moving to Snowflake Native Amplitude is that you can now get a unified view of all of your enterprise, financial, and product data in one place.

Traditionally, analyzing behavioral data and financial data has been a disjointed process. Enterprise data has resided in Snowflake. And behavioral data has resided in Amplitude. With Snowflake Native Amplitude we are breaking down these silos.

Now teams can easily combine both data sets within Snowflake to understand the business impact of user behavior. Want to understand which features are driving conversion? No problem. Want to see where users are falling off and why? We’ve got you covered.

Picture a user abandoning their cart. Previously, you might only see this as a missed sale. But with Snowflake Native Amplitude, you can combine behavioral data with the user's purchase history, demographics, or other information stored in Snowflake.

This unified view might reveal they haven't bought in a while, indicating churn risk. Or, you might discover a lack of preferred payment options, enabling you to personalize your checkout experience. This empowers you to understand the why behind user behavior and to take action to improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

With Snowflake Native Amplitude you can then optimize marketing campaigns by correlating user demographics with in-app behavior to personalize marketing messages and target the right audience.

In the example above, this might mean re-targeting users who abandoned their cart. And you can now do this in a few simple clicks. What’s more, because you now have access to all of your enterprise data alongside your customer behavioral data, you can measure the ROI of product features to prioritize future development efforts.

And you might be thinking, but what about sensitive customer data?

Maximize trust, security, and governance

Snowflake Native Amplitude makes security and privacy easy for organizations. Because your data never leaves the Snowflake Data Cloud.

This approach eliminates the risks associated with data movement, drift, and duplication to strengthen your compliance posture. With Snowflake Native Amplitude, you can simply leverage your existing Snowflake security and privacy policies to further reinforce data protection and simplify compliance management to all of your industry regulations.

But what if you have certain insights you want to derive in Amplitude alongside the queries your teams are running directly in Snowflake?

No problem. With Snowflake Native Amplitude you can now.

Go hybrid and deliver powerful insights on your terms

Snowflake Native Amplitude ensures you have the flexibility to take a hybrid approach and easily optimize for performance, security, and cost as needed.

With Snowflake Native Amplitude, you can access and query in either Amplitude or Snowflake. This hybrid approach makes it easy for you and your teams to choose the approach that best meets your needs and avoid any tradeoffs. It’s product analytics minus the trade-offs so you can focus on what matters most—driving your business forward.

Get started now with five free seats

So what are you waiting for? Getting started with Snowflake Native Amplitude has never been easier. All of our Starter, Plus, Growth, and Enterprise plans include five free licenses. New to Amplitude? You can try our Starter plan at no cost and see what Snowflake Native Amplitude can do for your business.

The last word

Snowflake Native Amplitude represents a paradigm shift in product analytics. But don’t take it from us, be sure to check it out for yourself. Learn how Snowflake Native Amplitude can help you unlock the full potential of your customer data and deliver exceptional experiences. We’d love to hear from you.

About the Author
Francois Ajenstat has a deep belief in the transformative power of data enabling people and organizations to drive better outcomes. As Chief Product Officer, Francois is responsible for Amplitude’s product strategy and execution, leading the product management, design, and growth organizations globally. Prior to Amplitude, he led Tableau’s product management organization for thirteen years. He has helped grow Tableau from a small startup to a publicly traded company to being acquired by Salesforce.

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