Standing with Ukraine

Amplitude is committed to helping the Ukrainian people. These are the actions we're taking to stand against the unjustified invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government and support our Ukrainian customers and colleagues around the world.

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April 14, 2022
Image of Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang
Co-founder & Chief Architect
Standing with Ukraine

The Amplitude team has been closely following the unlawful and unjustified invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government. We care deeply about human rights, denounce violence, and believe that we must act to care for our communities.

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine, our customers, partners, and employees, and we wholeheartedly condemn the actions of the Russian government. To demonstrate our support for Ukraine, we’ve taken several actions over the past two months.

Supporting our Ukrainian colleagues and our global team

The safety, security, and mental health of our employees are core to how we operate at Amplitude. When Russia invaded, we quickly took action to confirm the safety of our team and formed an internal task force to monitor how the war impacts our people, customers, and business.

Since then we’ve continued to create an environment where our employees feel heard and supported. We’ve listened to the heartbreaking stories of our Ukrainian teammates, many of whom have loved ones directly affected by the invasion. We’ve set up a donation-matching program and forgone benefits to raise money for the Ukrainian people. And we’ve facilitated Safe Spaces for employees and given our team members the room they need to process.

Supporting our Ukrainian customers

Amplitude works with some amazing companies in Ukraine, and right now, the type of support they need varies greatly. Some may need to pause their work with Amplitude to focus on their family and country. Others may need Amplitude more than ever as they adjust their business to meet their customers’ changing needs. And others may need Amplitude in the same way as before but are unable to make payments for now.

We’ve asked all of our customers in Ukraine what we can do to best support their business. And no matter what the situation, we’re being flexible and doing whatever we can to help. If you’re a customer in Ukraine and you need help, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and we’ll find a solution for you.

Divesting in Russia and Belarus

In Russia and Belarus, we’ve changed our strategy to make it clear we are against the actions of the Russian government. That means we’ve stopped all new sales activity in Russia and Belarus.

We also took a close look at the customers we already support in Russia and Belarus and have cut ties with any organization that could be supporting Russia’s war efforts. That means we terminated all contracts with customers that we know to be:

  1. Targeted by US sanctions (including their subsidiaries)
  2. Russian government-owned (fully or partially)
  3. Russian oligarch-owned
  4. Russian government-controlled news outlets
  5. Supporting the Russian government in any way, such as through cyber warfare, combat, or disinformation

We will continue to serve current customers in Russia and Belarus who do not meet any of the above criteria. Our customers have always been at the heart of every decision we make at Amplitude, and we know there are many people and organizations in Russia and Belarus who oppose this war just as passionately as we do.

Looking ahead

The war in Ukraine changes every day, and we’re leaving the door open to evolve our position. We have a dedicated team monitoring the invasion that meets weekly to discuss any necessary changes. We will continue to update our actions in this blog post as needed.

In the meantime, we’re focused on helping the Ukrainian people. We’re continuing to match employee donations to Revived Soldiers Ukraine, Nova Ukraine, and Ukraine – People in Need, but if you have other suggestions for how we can help, we welcome your feedback. We know we have a responsibility to use our voice, resources, and technology to stand up for the fundamental right to freedom.

About the Author
Image of Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang
Co-founder & Chief Architect
Jeffrey owns the infrastructure that enables us to scan billions of events every second. He studied Computer Science at Stanford and brings experience building infrastructure from Palantir and Sumo Logic.