Updated Marketing Analytics Browser and Google Tag Manager Client-Side Browser SDK

Adam Greco

Product Evangelist, Amplitude

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Posted on January 26, 2023

Get the latest Amplitude Google Tag Manager (GTM) template to take advantage of all Amplitude features.

As more organizations look to leverage Amplitude for both product and marketing analytics, we have received requests for updates to our client-side browser SDK to add more out-of-the-box marketing functionality. To address this, Amplitude has recently released a new client-side Marketing Analytics Browser SDK. This new browser SDK provides everything that the old SDK had, but adds the following:

  • Automated UTM parameter tracking
  • Automated tracking of referrer and referring domain
  • Automated tracking of popular marketing/advertising click IDs (e.g. GCLID, FBCLID, etc.)
  • Automated first-touch attribution
  • Session-based multi-touch attribution
  • Exclusion from attribution based upon referring domain
  • Ability to reset sessions based upon new campaign codes
  • Ability to track Page Views by default or only when attribution changes occur
  • Ability to track Page Views only when specified events occur

To help Amplitude customers looking to take advantage of the new Marketing Analytics Browser SDK, we have worked with Simo Ahava to create an updated version of the Amplitude Google Tag Manager client-side template. This new template version includes all of the new functionality of the new Marketing Analytics Browser SDK.

Below is a short video on how to use the new Amplitude Google Tag Manager client-side template:

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