Q3 Product Release Highlights — Deliver Better Experiences to Every Customer

See how our latest features help your team identify and activate customer insights that drive real, meaningful growth, at scale.

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October 10, 2023
Image of Nikhil Gangaraju
Nikhil Gangaraju
Director, Product Marketing, Amplitude
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Across industries, the top product teams understand one thing – what drives growth. To help them get there, Amplitude offers trusted data, clearer insights, and a faster path to action for your teams.

Last quarter, we released new features that help organizations identify and activate customer insights that drive meaningful growth, so they can deliver better digital experiences at every stage of the journey.

Scale and measure releases right out of the box

Amplitude enables teams to take action on data faster so teams can uncover insights, build new experiences, and activate these insights with personalized and targeted campaigns to drive better engagement and keep customers coming back for more.

In Q3 we released new capabilities that help teams get testing programs up and running faster than ever before. We’ve also made it easy for these teams to quantify the impact of new features and releases so they can build better products.

Understand the impact of every release with automated dashboards

Overview of Amplitude's automated dashboard

While there are many siloed feature flagging tools, there are limited options to help developers quantify the true impact of their releases. Amplitude’s new auto-populated dashboards generate key insights for each release automatically. Now, engineering teams can get the feedback they need in real time, without the need to build ad hoc dashboards and reports.

Teams can access automated dashboards to quantify feature usage and adoption insights, providing them with real-time insights every time they ship code so they can continuously improve products and build experiences customers will love.

Get going faster with best-in-class templates

With Amplitude Analytics, we help teams get to the heart of what’s driving customer behavior. We help teams ask the right questions, answer them in real-time, and confidently choose what to do next.

Our recent updates also empower teams to analyze and iterate with confidence using our industry-vetted templates and visual replays around the customer journey.

Surface industry-relevant data with new starter templates

Gallery view of Amplitude's Dashboard Templates

In Q2 we released dashboard templates to help teams get industry-relevant data “as a service”. This quarter, we’re excited to announce that the template library has expanded to include new starter templates for B2B SaaS, Media, Fintech, and Marketing Analytics.

Other improvements include:

  • View with demo data: Templates can now be previewed with demo data, allowing teams to understand which events and properties are needed to build charts, as well as see the kind of insights they'll generate by using their own data.
  • Progressive unlocks: The charts within a template will unlock as soon as the required inputs are complete, rather than waiting for every input to be complete.
  • AI powered event selection: We now make a few intelligent recommendations using what we know about your org’s taxonomy and the type of event you might be looking for.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that Starter Templates make it simple for teams to get faster insights and additionally guide them to more complex questions – and answers in real-time.

Unlock qualitative insights with Session Replay

Several Screens showcasing Amplitude's Session Replay

Ready to connect quantitative data with qualitative insights? Session Replay brings digital journeys to life to help teams identify issues, improve conversion, and build better product experiences for customers.

The visualized sessions are based on actual events and are tied to specific moments in time. By seeing how customers are using your products and where they are getting stuck, Session Replay ensures teams have the real-time experiential insights they need to make faster decisions more confidently.

Session Replay will be available in the coming months for Amplitude customers. Sign up for the waitlist to indicate your interest in joining our Early Access Program.

Quickstart personalization with new cohort improvements

This quarter’s releases supercharge how you segment audiences and deliver more personalized experiences for your customers.

Quickstart Audiences with Out-of-the-box Cohorts

Screenshot of Amplitude's Cohort functionality

Amplitude has introduced out-of-the-box Behavioral cohorts to help teams segment audiences without the hassle. These pre-configured cohorts are available from the moment you access the platform and eliminate the need for complex setups or specialized knowledge about your organization’s taxonomy. Out-of-the-box cohorts help your team quickly transition from insights to actions and drive outcomes for your business that engage and retain more users.

Connect your data with the latest integrations

Amplitude continues to invest in building the breadth and depth of our CDP integrations so that you can proactively manage and activate your data. Check out these latest integrations:

  • New event streaming for: Appfit, Bento, Movable Ink, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Moloco RMP, MovableInk, Plotline, CleverTap, Pushwoosh, Kochava
  • New cohort syncing for: Bento, Blitzllama, and Zeda.io
  • New cohort syncs for: WebEngage

Accelerate your path to product growth:

About the Author
Image of Nikhil Gangaraju
Nikhil Gangaraju
Director, Product Marketing, Amplitude
Nikhil is a product marketer at Amplitude focusing on Amplitude Analytics and works with teams to advance our mission to help companies build better products.

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