Announcing Snowflake-native Amplitude: Bringing Self-service Insights to Every Snowflake User

It’s easier, faster, and more cost-effective than ever to put mission-critical insights into the hands of your users with Snowflake-native Amplitude.

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June 27, 2023
Headshot of Courtney Burry
Courtney Burry
Vice President of Product, Partner, and Customer Marketing, Amplitude
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Snowflake-native Amplitude, launching in private preview, will be available in coming months for joint Snowflake and Amplitude customers. Sign up for the waitlist to indicate your interest in joining our Early Access Program.

Your team invested in centralizing your data in the cloud because of its benefits—lower costs, greater security, and improved performance. In fact, 89-percent of Deloitte’s Future of Cloud survey respondents reported that their strategic priority is increasing efficiency and agility.

So, naturally you want to make the most of your investment. Your data is your source of truth, so having data leave its secure, governed boundaries to support product analytics is not the ideal standard. After all, you need to maintain the security and compliance of this data, and this is precisely why you have it in Snowflake.

But your teams may not be using this data. Why? Because it is often only available to data owners.

Democratizing reliable, secure data

Today, finding, understanding, and accessing trustworthy data for non-technical data teams can be so time-consuming that they give up trying before they even get started.

So how do you leverage the benefits of data platforms—with all of the security, performance, and cost-savings they drive—while still meeting the needs of your teams?

Amplitude and Snowflake can help. With Snowflake-native Amplitude, organizations can enable self-service insights for all their teams without any data ever leaving your Data Cloud.

Snowflake-native Amplitude

Amplitude was the first digital analytics platform to support the import and export of data from the Snowflake Data Cloud.

We’ve been deepening Amplitude’s integration with Snowflake for some time, and Snowflake-native Amplitude marks the first release for Amplitude under the Warehouse-native Amplitude umbrella. This new zero-copy solution enables Snowflake users to leverage Amplitude to perform powerful product analysis directly in Snowflake, bringing our application directly to their data.

This capability is possible through Snowflake's newly announced Snowpark Container Services, launching in private preview, which extends Snowflake’s processing engine to provide developers the flexibility to register and deploy containerized software and applications in Snowflake-managed infrastructure in combination with Snowflake Native Apps (in public preview).

We're proud to be a launch partner for Snowpark Container Services, which will make it easier than ever for you to:

  1. Manage data access controls, security, privacy, and governance directly in your Snowflake account. This means you can lift and shift over to Snowflake more easily, while keeping your existing security and privacy controls intact.
  2. Minimize data drift and drive down costs. With Snowflake-native Amplitude, there’s no need for you to export data to Amplitude or build new data pipelines. We run SQL queries directly on the data in your Snowflake account and provide insights right from your source of truth. This process eliminates the need to move data between systems, so you can minimize data drift—the divergence of two data sets over time. It will also help your team drive down costs, as you maintain and manage all your data directly in Snowflake.
  3. Deliver powerful insights your teams can trust—as a service. On the IT side, you can enable teams to directly find, understand, access, and activate the insights they need to drive your business forward.

Snowflake is also excited about our integration, and Chris Child, Snowflake Senior Director of Product Management, had this to say about our announcement:

“We continue to invest in our expansive partner ecosystem, accelerating how users build in the Data Cloud by reimagining what they can run within Snowflake, without tradeoffs. With the launch of Snowpark Container Services, we’re making this a reality. Amplitude’s proven track record of helping teams measure and understand customer behavior to improve customer experiences combined with the ease of use, scalability, and unified governance of the Snowflake Data Cloud will help us deliver more value for our joint customers.”

Get started today

So, what are you waiting for? Are you a Snowflake user ready to try Snowflake-native Amplitude? Sign up for the waitlist for our Early Access Program. And if you’re looking for more information on our overall Warehouse-native Amplitude offering, be sure to check out our technical blog.

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Headshot of Courtney Burry
Courtney Burry
Vice President of Product, Partner, and Customer Marketing, Amplitude
Courtney Burry is the VP of Product Marketing at Amplitude. Prior to working at Amplitude, she was SVP of Corporate and Product Marketing at Collibra and VP of Product Marketing at VMware. Courtney has 25+ years of marketing experience helping well-known tech brands evolve, grow, and thrive.

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